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Birth of Peach - Nintendo Mario Brothers Fan Art

This was a fun painting inspired by William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "Birth of Venus", a classic masterpiece. Larger sizes and variations are available upon request! You may purchase a 11"x14" print by sending $20 via paypal to, or you can purchase for the same price through etsy here:…

Thanks for looking and comments/favs/shares are appreciated!
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Now this is truly amazing!
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Awesome take on a classic.  Is it wrong that I want to see her dressed like Venus?
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Hahahaa that's really nice! x)
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Hhahaha beautiful aphrodite! ;)
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My Venus arrived today!!  How quick was that eh - like only a week to cross continents.  Great sturdy packaging as well.  As for Peachy herself, adorable as expected, but even better to see her in the flesh at near-A3 size <3  Nice little touch adding the postcard-sized extras too :-)

Now, for what frame to use... decisions decisions :D

Thanks Matt!
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Thank YOU, I'm glad you got it and in good order, and enjoyed the little extras :) Send me a picture on my facebook page when you frame it up!…
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Hiya!  Sorry I don't have Facebook or Myspace but I have sent you the picture by email :-)
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One word: Remarkable.
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Ahhh, thank you! 
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This is fabulous!
I've featured your work on Bouguereau Remastered
Hope you like it - and keep them coming!
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Oh man, that's great! Thank you so much!
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If I went for this, would you ship overseas to my rainy country, the UK?!  How much would shipping be?

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Hey! I would love to ship you a print. Shipping is $20 for overseas, but I'll get it to you! :D Paypal instructions are the same, just make sure the address is correct for shipping! 
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Hey Matt.  Many thanks for getting back!  I've sent $40 in total via Paypal on the email address you provided.  When you get the notification email, did it give out my address?  House number should be 5.  If not, I'll drop the address in a note!
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Hey! I did get the payment, and I've ordered your print from the shop I use! I do need the address though, you can email me at thank you! 
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Brill!  Have emailed you :-)
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My favorite part of this is daisy hanging onto Luigi. It's soooo cute!
Love :happybounce: 
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Haha, thank you!! 
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