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Summary of Art 2019

By Ceradenia
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Another year over, and slapping an end to this decade.
But hey look, I have done some backgrounds!

Yearly ramble below


It's been... a year. Sure. It's been hard occasionally, and I spent my autumn on sick leave since I couldn't put up with school work. Next year looks brighter, and it's surely going to be a year of change. I will be doing an internship at my hometown, and kinda living under my mom's roof until then since it just makes sense. I will be visiting my own apartment for weekends since I will be continuing my CBASP-group until february. Once my roommate gets an apartment, I will move back into my hometown too and get an apartment from there. And kiss my school goodbye. I've realized during my sick leave that ultimately, this school and degree brings more pain than gain. I'm not healthy enough for school currently, and I need to be closer to my family. Moving into a completely new town as my first move out of home was too big of a leap.

I'm still working on my recovery, but I'm doing better. Once I finish the group therapy, I am going to be granted for therapy that's partly paid for me. There, I think I will finally be able to work out the monsters from my past and work on my self-image and self-worth. Let 2020 be the decade of healing! 
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