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 // Last updated 29.11.2018

Status: OPEN, ask me about point prices

  • Payment happens after you have approved the scetch
  • Payment through PayPal
    • Bank transfer open for Finnish people
  • You need to send me a visual reference of your character(s)
  • After you recieve your commission you have right to use it where you want as long as you give proper credit. A link back to Deviantart will do well.
  • I have right to change the prices at any time, already accepted commissions will use the price they were commissioned at.

How it happens:

  • Send me a note with the following information:
    • Reference sheet
    • What kind of commission you want
    • Any details, such as pose, setting, color schemes etc. Tell me if you want to give me completely free hand
  • I will draw the sketch, send it to you and make changes if needed
  • When you've accepted the sketch I'll send my information for payment
  • I will finish the commission when I get the money
  • EXCEPTION; Sketch commissions are paid upfront
What I will and won't draw:
  • I can draw:
    • SFW and NSFW, note me for NSFW examples
    • Feral, anthro or human characters
    • Blood / violence
  • I won't draw:
    • Hard fetishes (unclean, nonconsensual, extreme fetishes)
    • NSWF of minors
    • Excessive gore
    • Real life people depicted as human
    • Detailed machinery, simple designs are ok
    • Racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic or otherwise oppressive content
If anything seems unclear, don't be afraid to send me a message! I'm sure we'll be able to work things out.
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screams quietly 
I didn't know you did pixels.
Ceradenia's avatar
Yeah, I don't really do them often even if pixels are fun to do. :')
kapumati's avatar
Oho aika halpaa taidetta! Piirrätkö ihmisiä myös?
Ceradenia's avatar
Vissin se on, riippuu vähän mihin vertaa.
Jep, kyllä multa ihmisetkin jokseenkin sujuu. En oo niissä ihan yhtä kätevä, johtunee harjoituksen puutteesta. :') Tässä alla esimerkkejä ihmistöistä:

[OC] Love by SobiMoppi   Rellu by SobiMoppi   [Fanart] Blast from the Past by SobiMoppi   Ache by SobiMoppi
Sammy-Sexbang's avatar
Can I get a pixel of  Mockingcreek by Sammy-Sexbang
Ceradenia's avatar
Sure thing! I'll add it to my list!
unluckyycharm's avatar
I really like your pixels, sadly I don't have enough points ;w;
Great work !
Ceradenia's avatar
Thank you! `v´
unluckyycharm's avatar
No problem ♥ !
mellowlamb's avatar
saaanko flatin aaa<33
Ceradenia's avatar
Mitä hahmoa ja millasia posetoiveita? Ja maksatko pojoilla vai euroilla. :>
mellowlamb's avatar

Alicia REF by tinttiyo

ja pojoilla!
Ceradenia's avatar
A'ight! Pistän siut listoille ja teen luonnoksen mahdollisimman nopeesti. :3
Pin-eye's avatar
Hiya! :wave: I'm interested in getting a commission from you! >////< 

Commission Type: Pixel 100 :points: 
References: Please use her Normal Form, which is her animal form not her anthro form.
Turnaround Ref --> The Amazing Turtlecat Turnarounds with Marks & The Amazing Turtlecat: Squishy Head Experiment
Belly Ref --> The Amazing Turtlecat - Covers and Spine
Mark Ref (I am showing her Anthro form because you can see her marks better then her Normal Form) --> Turtlecat -- Anthro Forms with Markings
Pose: I'm kinda unsure... but I think I'm imagining her eating a fish or something? Maybe she's holding the fish in her mouth as she just caught it? ;p 
Payment: Points :points:

If you're unsure about anything or have any questions just ask me. :meow: If this is all okay, I'll send ya the Points :points: right over~:heart: :D
Ceradenia's avatar
Oh what an interesting character! I'll add it to my list. As for payment, I take payment after I send you a scetch of the work!
Pin-eye's avatar
Thank you >\\\\\< and okay :)
Improkarpanen's avatar
Commission type: Shaded( ja olisiko mahdollista saada yksivärinen tausta?)
Ilme/Pose: Kenties jotenkin tympääntynyt? Tai sitten ihan suoranaisesti vihainen : D
Pojoilla maksaisin : )
Ceradenia's avatar
Jees, onnistuu! :D Lisäilen sut listoille.
herratalossa's avatar
kröhöm, tosiaan uvu

Commission type: Sticker
Character ref:
Expression/Pose: aattelin sellasta vauhdikasta, jtn sen näköstä et se hyppäis ;v; 
Points or money: pointsit uvu
Other: pitääkö ne pointsit lähettää jo etukäteen vai vasta kun kuva/luonnos on valmis? c:
Ceradenia's avatar
Oukkei, listoille menee. :> Ja pointsit voit lähettää sitten kun luonnos on valmis.
mellowlamb's avatar
Yayyy ihan pakko ;v;

Commission type: Flatti
Character ref: My secondary fursona: Kaya REF by Phewmonster  ja Luna ref by Phewmonster
Expression/Pose: En tiiä mitää tiettyy mut jos ne vois halia tai jotain sellasta söpöstelyä ;v; Kaya vois näyttää vähä sellaselta epävarmalta ja Luna ois iha blushu blushu jeejee 'v'
Points or money: Pojoilla!
Other: Eli ku on kaksi hahmoa samassa nii onkos se 160 pojoa? 'v'
Ceradenia's avatar
Voiii miten sieviä hahmosia. ;v;
On näemmä unohtunut tuosta listasta laittaa maininta, mut flateille ja shaded-kuville voi saada simppelin taustan (väri, gardientti tai tekstuuri ala Sirius-sdz) jos haluaa, ei maksa ekstraa. Eli siis, taustalla vai transparenttina? ´v`
Niinja flat+extrahahmo olis 170 pojoa. Maksun voit lähettää sitten kun oon lähettäny sulle luonnoksen. uvu
anonymous's avatar
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