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Easter art 2

this is how they look this year :)
sorry.. my scaner kind misshaped them.. it's realy imposible to scan round objects.. but well.. it's not about shape, but coloring :)
these are normal eggs.. done with onionskins..
will be moved to scraps in a while..

happy Easter everyone! :D
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HP Scanjet 3800
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Apr 8, 2007, 10:40:28 AM
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Oh, and I like the way you show them to us too! :aww: The colours come out well.
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Pretty! :) Nice method you use, interesting. The eggs got patterns of grass and flowers it seems to me; special.
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well.. those are not just paterns of leaves and grass.. those are patterns from/made by grass and leaves :)
it's traditional method here.. coloring in onionskins :)
and as for colors - those are exact colors.. they are just scaned.. no digital editing..
if you don't know it and want to learn - i can send you a tutorial on this :)
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oeh, cool ! :D

you can? it would be cool :giggle: !
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Even more beautiful eggs. You amaze me with your work. :D
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well.. if you want i can send you a note with a turorial on how to make them like that..
DestinieKirby's avatar
I actually wouldn't mind that~
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te greatest ad ost iterestig way to coor eggs i y eyes :D they look beautiful! :clap:
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hehe.. tnx :bow:
but that's quite traditional way around here :)
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i really like the second one.
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that one was made with long grass around the egg.. while the egg was boiled in onionskins.. those onionskins gave that brown color.. and the grass pressed by the egg gave those light areas :)
tnx :) actualy that's one of my own favorites this year :)
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wow thats awesome. haha. it sounds so fun to make! >.< mhhh!
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it sure is :)
that's why i do it every year :D
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lucky! i wish i can do it too.
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hehe.. yup.. it's fun to be latvian :D
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Awesome eggs!
Pity we don't celebrate Easter round here =]
cepums's avatar
i'm not a big easter celebrator myself.. but the strenght of traditions is in repeating them :) and i kinda want my kidds to have such one day when they can make pretty eggs and do all those other things.. after all.. day becomes longer then night now.. and that's worth to celebrate :)
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Yeah, traditions are a sticky thing.
And you've striken me as more of a night person :)
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tnx :)
this year i did all on my own.. so i'm pretty proud that i did everything right :D
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