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Easter art 1

this is how they look this year :)
sorry.. my scaner kind misshaped them.. it's realy imposible to scan round objects.. but well.. it's not about shape, but coloring :)
these are normal eggs.. done with onionskins..
will be moved to scraps in a while..

happy Easter everyone! :D
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HP Scanjet 3800
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Apr 8, 2007, 10:36:12 AM
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Oh, please, can you teach us? They're gorgeous!:jawdrop:
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Those are really gorgeous easter eggs. I've never seen any done like that before. Well done. :)
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hehe.. actualy this is quite traditional way to color easter eggs here :)
but tnx :bow:
DestinieKirby's avatar
Really? That's neat. You're welcome. :)
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These are the pretties Easter eggs I have ever seen! Thank you so much for taking the time to show them! Wow... I cannot wait to try making them!!!!!
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hehe.. no problem.. it was fun.. that way i could put to words what i know about it.. and that helps to remeber for next generations :)
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Wow. I love the rich color.
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hehe.. nature has all the colors you need :)
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did you use white onion skins, or purple?
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the green onionskins.. :)
those that cover the white onions.. only the ones who come off themself just by rubbing it.. white parts have no color in them.. only stench :) and purple ones.. well.. i have never tried it..
it's not the onion it self that gives the color.. it's the outside layers of onion...
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Ahhh, this is so cool! Teach me how to do that!!! :D

It's soooo pretty. ^^

Happy Easter. eggs this year at my house. Oh well. :)

What's up?
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how come that no eggs?
god didn't made the chicken and egg for them not to be eaten :)
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The PRETTIEST EGGS of them ALL :wow:
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tnx :)
i actualy had no idea that DA has food art sections :D
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Pretty. ^^ Mēs ar vienmēr ar sī;polu mizām.
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:) paldies..
man kaut kaa paareejie veidi liekas nedabiski.. kaut kur uz robezhas ar pljeckaashanos ar eedienu.. nee nu ir reizeem smuki ar kraasaam.. bet nu ar flomiishiem tas toch ir eediena maazhoshana..
pie kam shitaa ir tas prieks jo nekad jau nevar liidz galam zinaat kas un kaa sanaaks.. da i no riita reizeem neatceros kas kurai olai vispaar bij domaats :) taa valjaa sainijoshana riktiigs riita priecinjsh :)

lai tev lustiigas lieldienas :)
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