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KHdoujin -MEMORY- complete+DL.
By Cephi-chan   |   Watch
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Published: April 21, 2005
© 2005 - 2019 Cephi-chan
EDIT [last time i swear] now avalable on DIRECT LINK ^^; [link] (dun mind the french comment the doujin itself is still in english)
that way you can read it without downloading ZIP or anything *^.^*

EDIT [again] : soooo sorry i don't stop editing it because the preview pic doesn't want to show itself T^T;;;
EDIT : don't mind it, i just corrected a grammar mistake ^^; thx ~ValinQuen

sooo, there's my little doujin!!
it's Kingdom Hearts fan work, all rights to Square! :heart:

I translated it myself, so there must be a lot of mistakes, so pliz if you find some note me or comment, thanks for your help ^-^
and for french-speaking people, if you want the original version, just note me i'll send it to you :nod:

to read the doujin just download the ZIP ^^
AND PLIZ to those who read the doujin, I'd like to have your opinion!! pliz comment or note me! >__<;;

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^_^ yay I'm downloading it -excited to read it :D
Cephi-chan's avatar
thank you!
please tell me what you think of it! ^_^
DreamHeartxo's avatar
i just read it a little while ago ^__^
it's awesome!!! XD so cute too
great job - you should make more XDD
Cephi-chan's avatar
thank you for reading! ^__^
maybe i'll draw another doujin one day.. i'll upload my new art on ~Yishuu
anyway i'm glad you liked! ^3^
lenoir-whittlethorn's avatar
beautiful artwork! :D I love it! You made Riku so hott! lol and the bg was awesome too! magnificent! :XD:
Cephi-chan's avatar
thank you! i'm glad you spent time reading it~ thanks so much!! ^_^
lenoir-whittlethorn's avatar
you're welcome! :D :D well it was a joy to read! very interesting! you're welcome! :D
tanabata's avatar
L'est vraiment super *o*!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cephi-chan's avatar
aaah merciii~~~ ^^;
(je dois l'avoir en français qque part ds mes dossiers aussi <_<;; enfin c'est plus marrant en anglais ^_^ )
benkate's avatar
La conne que je suis, j'avais commencé à lire les pages, mais dans le mauvais ordre...quand j'aurais plus de temps, je te ferais une critique quasi complète! ^o^
Cephi-chan's avatar
aaah désolée ^^; g pas bien rang ds le zip @__@;;;
mici! ca presse pas commente qd tu veux X3
FlyingUsagi's avatar
Woah! Mass cool, I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it! It was nice how you gave Kairi a little prelude and developed the character's relationships. :3
Cephi-chan's avatar
thx for reading!! *^__^*
i'm not really sure it happened that way but.... Kairi's arrival is so mysterious *0*
Niemand8et's avatar
Niemand8etStudent General Artist
waaaaah cool mais comment ces cons d'epita ont pu ne pas vouloir du Club ? RHAAAAAAAAAAH
Cephi-chan's avatar
aha merci d'avoir lu ^^; et pis tu sais ils ont fait n'importe quoi cette année pour les convs X3 l'année prochaine on ira tous à la japan expo!! XD
snp-box's avatar
Ahahaha, j'veux voir la suite!!
Par contre, même si je connais pas spécialement ton scénar, je dirai qu'il se dit sûrement trop vite qu'elle vient d'un autre monde. XD Y aurait pleins d'autres raisons... Enfin, suppeeeeer!!! Continue!!
Cephi-chan's avatar
heu ben pour la suite, faut que tu joues à Kingdom Hearts ( PS2, prix platinum fnac maximum 35€ *on dirait que je fais de la pub XD* )
sinon c'est vrai que ca va vite.. mais j'avais la flemme de développer plus ^^;
merci en tt cas d'avoir lu!! *^.^*
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That was awesome, and so cute! The only mistake you made was a small grammatical error on page 10 - Riku says 'there's other worlds' where, becuase worlds is plural, it should be 'there are other worlds' :D but that's very minor. I loved it! :love: well done ^^
Cephi-chan's avatar
thaaaanks!! :heart: i'm glad you loved it ^^
and thx for notice that i'm going to correct it right now!! >_<
Daikirai-Daki's avatar
:D cool. Man <_< i need to do some sort of doujin... or maybe just a manga -____- but i'll never have that kind of patents. BUT YEAH IT WAS COOL!
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