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:bulletgreen:Status: OPEN:bulletgreen:

Profile Picture By Cephalonlethea-d8vt53a by CephalonLethea

  Hello world! Cephalon & Lethea are ready for commission! 
  We wish you all best of luck and we hope you will support us!

  A bit about us and our style:

  High detail traditional monochrome artworks are our main focus. We're trying our best to create high detail traditional artworks which offer viewers little details, little things to find, to look at, like hidden object games of some sorts. While trying to maintain composition, shadings, proportions etc. We don't always succeed but we're learning everyday :)
  As of this commission journal:
  Cephalon usually draws sci-fi, fantasy theme. Armors, mecha, machinery, weapons, trinkets, monsters, strange creatures, anthros etc in more masculine style.
  Lethea draws mostly fantasy, period or contemporary theme. Clothing, flora, horror and macabre, trinkets, creatures etc in more feminine style.
  You can find our works in our respective folder:……

:bulletblack: Commission Terms :bulletblack:

1. We don't do (Mostly due to inexperience and/ or personal preference):
  Cephalon18+ stuff & extreme contents.
  Lethea: Machines, 18+ stuff & extreme contents. 
  Tasteful ecchi, nudity depends on artworks are fine. 
2. Commissions are delivered in 300dpi black and white/ monochrome scan with light process.
3. All commission orders must be send via DA notes using commission form
4. Payment method: Paypal, Western Union.
5. Customers please wait for our confirmation note after you've sent commission notes.
6. Customers please send payment after you've received our confirmation notes within 3 days. We will start working after we received payment and send you estimated completion time note. Do note that completion time is affect by other commissions before yours.
  If you can please pay paypal (transaction) fee. It will help us a lot with buying tools. Thank you very much!
7. We can only refund when estimated completion time has been reached without us sending you artworks or extension time note at least 3 days before.
8. We reserve the right to use low image size and quality of your commissions to promote our pages.
9. Commissions are for non-commercial use only. Please be specific if you want commercial purpose commission so we can send you more information.
10. Customers can request pencil sketch/ line to revise before we ink for 2 times. Please be specific in commission notes if you want to check pencil sketch/ line.


:bulletblack: Commission form :bulletblack:

To: Cephalon and/or Lethea.
Pet, familiar spirits, mounts, special trinkets, equipment:
Reference image links (if you want us to use ref):
Price (detail) range:
Other notes and description:
Payment method, emails etc:

(Detailed and elaborated explanation, description etc will help us a lot in drawing your artworks!!)


:bulletblack: Price :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Headshot: 5-15 USD 
:bulletblack: Waist, thighs or knees up: 15-40 USD, +10-30 USD for extra characters up to 3.
Inktober #3 - COLLECT - Waist of time by CephalonLethea

:bulletblack: Pet, familiar spirits, mounts, special trinkets, equipment etc: Free - 25 USD
:bulletblack: Full body: 20-50 USD, +15-40 for extra characters up to 3
Give me some candy by CephalonLethea  Stream by CephalonLethea  Blessing from the wings by CephalonLethea  Dunames Puzzles by CephalonLethea  
Harp Bow by CephalonLethea Death's Invitation by CephalonLethea Inktober #1 - FAST - Death's apprentice by CephalonLethea

:bulletblack: Partial background: +5-30 USD
Trees and herbs by CephalonLethea  Stucked by CephalonLethea  Experiment by CephalonLethea  On the balcony by CephalonLethea 
:bulletblack: Full background: +10-40 USD
Tune by CephalonLethea  Balloonariums by CephalonLethea

DISCOUNT 10% if you commission both of us at the same time.
Extra cost may occur depends on detail complexity.

:bulletblack: Why prices are at range? :bulletblack:

  Primarily for flexibility and artworks purpose. A simple character may look better in a heavy detail background. Or characters may have different sizes like a wife standing at the shore waving goodbye to her husband far away on a Leviathan hunting ship. Or a lavishly dressed native girl in a barren waste land may convey more feelings. Or maybe you have tight budget but shy to ask for some compromises to have the artworks you want. Possibly you want to go overboard on the detail level with reckless abandonment.
  The price range is basically detail and size range. Since characters can be obscured by many things, or they are standing far away or if you have specific idea for the artworks. We will try our best to accommodate to your preferences.

:bulletblack: Custom made commission :bulletblack:

  We are entering strange territory here guys! Basically this is where you can ask us to draw specific things in one artwork. For example: Character, shading and back ground: Lethea, clothing and weapons: Cephalon etc. If you would like to live a bit dangerously we can collaborate to deliver your artworks.

  Well that's it we guess! Sorry for our mediocre English and other annoyances. We'll try our best to deliver the best artwork that we can to you. Feel free to ask questions and stuff. Thank you all for your support! 

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SuperFann Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i would really love to get the commissions shipped as well. have you still not found a good way to mail them? 
Shiranova Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015   General Artist
Do you also ship the original drawings to the commissioner? If yes, does the shipping cost extra?
CephalonLethea Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As of now we don't think it would be possible unfortunately. We haven't be able to find a safe and cheap enough way to ship a few sheets of paper yet. We should have been more specific in the journal though. 
Shiranova Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015   General Artist
Oh I see. That's a pity... ):
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