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Desert Griffon

This image made quite a journey, but I think it was worth it. 😊
The creature is supposed to be some kind of vulture/hyena griffon.

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This looks sick!
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I’m so amazed, wish I could someday be able to draw this good 🍎🖤
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Thank you for the compliment!! <3

Your art already look pretty amazing, I'm sure you'll improve even more. :D There are many resources online to learn from. Especially YouTube has some amazing channels with useful tips on how to improve art skills. :D

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I’ll follows this advice 🤩♥️
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The intense action was captured really well. The scale and perspective of the creature really adds to the intensity of the situation.

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do you think you can draw an elven city next?

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Thank you! ^^

I've never drawn a city before, I'm more into painting creatures and humans. But I could try. Maybe. xD

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It is a masterpiece of art. Great work.

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Thank you! I really appreciate it. :D

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i love the angle. i gives a sense of terror. is that a dog coming to the rescue?
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Thank you. :D The angle was the first thing I knew I wanted to have for the composition.

Rather the opposite. The dogs are supposed to cut off the way back. :x

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