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Welcome to Century ARkStorm OCT. This OCT is set in the world of Zoids, where individuals pilot gigantic robotic animals. You are a zoid pilot tasked with saving the planet Zi from impending destruction by the forces of nature.

This OCT was founded by :iconra-ooo: and modded by






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With the closure of the tournament, (and a few requests to do so), we decided to publicly share the plotline of the tournament. The Round One introduction journal was about three-quarters of the way done, so that’s included via a link as well.
Without further ado, the mods present to you the story of Zoids Century ARkStorm OCT:


Story Segment

Round One Draft Journal Entry:

Round One
Location of Round:
Nyx, Centras, or Zeneb. And/or the ocean between Centras and Paludaria. And/or Point Promise on Paludaria.
Prompt: The call to journey to Paludaria has been put out by the four countries, with the somewhat vague explanation as to why: a solution to natural catastrophes is hidden in Paludaria. Characters answer this call and make their way to the ocean on the west coast of Centras to catch a ship to Paludaria, whether they're journeying on their own or are doing this with a country's official mission.
On your way there, you cross paths and claws with a foe.

- Round prompts include the fight taking place on your home turf, or on your opponent's home turf, or while traveling over the ocean, or at Point Promise. (this one is kind of a freebie)

This would be a group journal entry containing the following information:
-  The expedition parties depart from Shambala, following the information they’ve been able to gather from the locals and the other countries.
-  The trek into Paludaria’s jungles starts off smoothly enough...

Round Two
Location of Round:
Between the Havilah Plains and the Elysian Plains, anywhere from Aru's Hand, the Depths of Aru, the river or the Gojjam peninsula.
Prompt: You've been sent into Paludaria [and are now at location 2] to recover any information on the terraformer. There are reports of strange readings further inland. You encounter an enemy during your travels. Be careful! A [insert disaster here] is forming in the area!

- Round prompts include - deal with a hurricane and the ensuing weather it creates. Deal with a tsunami. This will vary depending on if the competitor chose to be inland or near/in the ocean. Any other kind of natural disaster!

This would be a group journal entry containing the following information:
-  Mechanical tendrils from the ocean consuming the cores of fallen zoids from the battles of previous rounds
-  Native wild zoids fleeing towards the coastline
-  Xenna watching the fearful zoids with growing concern

Round Three
Location of Round:
The Telmun Sound and the Abyssal Crossing, and the jungles on the north and south coast of these bodies of water.
Prompt: You're now approaching the depths of Paludaria. Vegetation is very dense and progress is slow. You're now getting massive spikes in energy readings - signaling that your are close to your objective. Heavy lightning storms have set the forest ablaze, and you need to figure out how to cross the Telmun Sound or the Abyssal Crossing to the other side.

- Round prompts include - forest fire, crossing the sound, crossing the abyss, or finding a land bridge (the rim of the abyss could be shallow enough at low tide that tall zoids could walk)

This would be a group journal entry containing the following information:
-  The weather is growing increasingly violent and unpredictable
-  Xenna gathers the group NPCs (whichever were already on Paludaria) for a meeting and reveals a holotape left behind by the Ancient Zoidians before the cataclysm destroyed the old civilization
-  It is revealed that the terraformer is actually a war machine created by the Ancients and designed to harness the weather, bringing prosperity to those who control it while unleashing god-like wrath on enemies
-  The terraformer was used carelessly, causing an apocalyptic superstorm that wiped out all civilization, reducing zoidian society to what could be sustained in bunkers
-  The terraformer must be sustained by zoid cores. The widespread zoid death during World War Zi awoke the terraformer, which began haphazardly altering the weather
-  By this point, any pilots (competitors) who have made it deep into Paludaria are beyond reach by standard communication means. The leaders have no way to call off the plan or to inform pilots of the situation, leaving the fate of Zi up to the few able to reach the terraformer.

-- fun fact; the holes in the ocean, Paludaria, and the blue moon were created by the terraformer when it was last activated almost 800 years ago. --
-- The current calendar era means After Cataclysm - the current year 748 AC is seven-hundred and forty-eight years after the dust settled when the terraformer wiped out civilization on Zi. --

Round Four
Location of Round:
The Lost City of Ede
Prompt: You've reached the heart of Paludaria! A terrible machine looms before you. If you claim it, untold power will be in your possession. There is one last obstacle - your final opponent. No ammo supply crates or fuel lines have been able to make it this far. Fight tooth and claw for victory! The fate of Zi is up to you!

- Round prompts include - working around your limited ammo supply or possible unfixed damage to your zoid.


Rounds were planned to be malleable and adapt to what the competitors as a whole were doing. As long as they kept heading in a general southwestern direction toward the terraformer, that's all that really mattered for the plot to keep moving!
The paths of competitors would have been charted on the map of Paludaria as it was slowly uncovered more and more each round, and we would have picked certain things to happen in specific places - for instance if all the competitors in Round Three chose to cross the Abyssal Crossing except one, who chose to cross Telmun Sound, we would have had the forest fire happening around the Abyssal Crossing, while the one pilot in the Sound maybe would have encountered a tendril of the terraformer, or something like that!

Unconfirmed Plots and Concepts
Neo, the dictator of Neo Zenebas, was a potential villain for the plot if we needed one. He may or may not have even wound up being a final antagonist. He would have seemingly stayed in Neo Zenebas during the entire tournament until it’s revealed he has been keeping close tabs on the competitors’ journeys and used their efforts to leapfrog himself to the finish line and assume control of the terraformer. He would have to be defeated either as the terraformer’s pilot, or before the terraformer could then be defeated.

The group NPCs were designed to be easy for our members to utilize for their own purposes - they don’t have very complex personalities or motivations. Likewise, they were easy for us mods to utilize if, over the course of the tournament, nobody was using them for their plots.

Ra-ooo had hoped that by the end of the tournament Arsene would have become more confident and open-hearted, and Haldora would have made some good friends and had some humbling experiences.

Silver just wanted Neo to die.

Syl just wanted people to draw her OCs.

Hina wanted to make characters others would enjoy writing and drawing. She was looking forward to seeing how they’d be used in competitor entries!


We thank you for your interest in the group, and for the art and ideas all of you contributed. We’re sorry to see the tournament end before it could begin, but we hope the characters you’ve created will be used beyond this OCT. You are welcome to use any of the ideas and plot points presented in this outline for your stories or for any other endeavors you have. The mods have no intentions to do anything further with this story, and see no reason to restrict others from using it for their own purposes.
NPC characters, however, please talk with the individual mods who created them about using them. Some mods will be keeping their group NPC characters for personal use now.

Lastly, the discord server will be terminated on February 14th between 1-3pm MDT. If you have any stories or art you’d like to share in the meantime, or would even like to rp, please feel free to do so!

We thank you again!

-  The Mod Team

:iconra-ooo: :iconsilverheck: :iconglutinousrice: :iconsylkauna: :iconradicalfred: :iconelgieplz:
More Journal Entries


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