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Chap 37

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Chapter 37 Illustration "An Honored Tradition" Artwork by ChiaraCi
" Afraid no more, Jonathan finishes, “Another part of the tradition is to ask the family for her hand in marriage. I figured you both are the closest to family she has here.”

     “Hey, don't forget about me!” Says Trot jokingly.

     “And, of course, Princess Trot,” Jonathan quickly adds. “So, I would like to marry the Princess Betsy Bobbin; and on her behalf, I ask you all for permission to do so,” he finishes."

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There expressions are comical :D (Big Grin) 
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Oh yes! The time-honored tradition of asking for the hand in marriage from family! Just prior, Jonathan had conducted the military tradition of requesting permission to get married.
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Oh, wait, princesses? It's intereting that your story has princesses. And they have to follow traditions! Sounds like a challenging lifestyle. :nod:

Again, the woman on the chair really reminds of a rose! Did you create her design with intention to make her look similar to a flower?
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Yes, the Story is called "The Flight to Oz Book I: Arrival" It takes place 130 years after Dorothy Gale first set foot in Oz. (circa 1900) Yes, they do have traditions there but in this case, the new original character, Jonathan Kohen, followed the military tradition of asking permission to marry first to his Commanding Officer and then asking the "family" for her hand.