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ovnogesl is a short game idea that I had in mind. As I am not proficient in coding games, I've decided to create a game playthrough/ walkthrough for it instead.

ovnogesl is a story about two friends. It is about an obsession by one of them that stops the other from moving on.
The main character, White, so called due to his white hair, wakes in a place where energy is required to progress. However, what he has is limited. Most of the people around him avoids or ignores him, with only a couple of them talking to him. He meets a girl who asks him if he wants to remember, but she gives him no choice on the matter.

And slowly, as he explores the place he is in, or as he is forced to perform certain tasks as his limited energy requires him to stick to a specific route, he finds out a bit more about his past, about the little girl, about Brown, his supposed friend.

In the end, White finds that he is, or might be dead, and what keeps him 'endlessly' wandering on is Brown's obsession with him, preventing him from moving on. Friendship, love, or just not willing to lose him, White doesn't care at all. Perhaps that is the reason leading to Brown's obsession with him in the first place. When White chooses to leave Brown and his world behind, he discards everyone and everything, and finally breaks from these 'dreams' of his. He can finally sleep on, dreamless.
So, what is ovnogesl? It is a love song, from Brown to White, to keep him company as he is alone and dead. The feelings behind the song was too strong, that White became trapped in it, in the endless dreams trying to keep him alive.
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