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Just post an open question on this Twitter thread and a random character from Center Lane will answer. While answers will remain relatively tame, I am not responsible for any mental images. I will apologize in advance to anyone that gets ECD.
The characters have now been all fully imagined. Thank you to Banganger and BakuHatsuArts.

Digimon Knights follows a group of Tamers that were split reincarnations of some of the legendary digimon (i.e. Royal Knights, Demon Lords, etc.). Could their existence level a shifting balance of power or will they cause a collapse into yet another war.


Name: Derrick Smith
Partner: V-mon
Affiliation: Royal Knights
True Form: Ulforce V-Dramon
Weapon: V-Bracelets (Right hand generates an energy saber, the left hand an energy shield)
Derrick has been on the run in both the human and Digital World after he dark evolved his partner and caused massive destruction to a major city. He had been able to use the V-Bracelets for awhile, but did not have any idea about the significance of them until Yori outed him as a Royal Knight. Despite the distrust among tamers he's earned, his status as a Royal Knight appears to be the only thing keeping him alive now, but he still feels he has a duty as a Tamer to fulfill, no matter what his status is. 


Name: Nakano Yori
Partner: Guilmon
Affiliation: Royal Knights
True Form: Dukemon (Gallantmon)
Weapons: Gram and Aegis (Spear and Shield)
Yori had been staying in a town to protect it, much to Alex's chagrin. She's quite powerful, but just like her partner, she also carries the Digital Hazard virus, a computer virus with the potential to tear apart both worlds. Unlike Guilmon, her body is not built to contain it, as it tends to wreak havoc on her body in times of exhaustion in an attempt to get out. While there is no true leader among the main five, she would likely be the de facto leader.

Alex and Gabumon! Commission! by BakuHatsuArts

(Art by BakuHatsuArts)

Name: Alex
Partner: Gabumon
Affiliation: Olympus XII
True Form: Mercurimon (Merukimon)
Weapon: Aztec (knife)
Other Ability: Speed
Alex, a Greek teenager, hadn't awakened his powers yet. Unlike most Tamers, he originally stayed in the human world before a certain incident made his home life unbearable. He escaped to the Digital World where he worked as a deputy for Zudomon and worked with the guilds in town to help keep the peace. He never wanted to be anything like Derrick or Yori, being well aware of a level of responsibility they had that he felt he couldn't handle. So finding out he was Mercurimon was a slap in the face to him. While he finds himself able to use Mecurimon's speed as a human, it is unknown if it truly matches the top speed of Mercurimon himself.

Carlos E Impmon by BakuHatsuArts

(Art by BakuHatsuArts)

Name: Carlos (Zarate? Possible last name).
Partner: Impmon
Affiliation: Demon Lords
True Form: Beelzebumon
Weapons: Berenjena (twin shotguns)
Other Ability: Data Absorption
Carlos is a hispanic young man (still trying to decide which country) that was the son of a cartel leader. Having been exposed to a shady world, he grew a hatred for those that sought power over the weak. However, the strong (whether they were truly or perceived as such) are fair game to him. He possesses the ability to load a defeated Digimon's data, but he cannot use any of the techniques gained this way without evolving to Beelzebumon.

Commission: Beavis and Agumon by BakuHatsuArts

(Art by BakuHatsuArts)
Name: Beavis
Partner: Agumon
Affiliation: Grey Knights
True Form: ShineGreymon
Weapon: GeoGreySword (a double sword or javelin)
  Beavis, a British teenager with some chauvinistic tendencies and a black and white worldview that tends to get him into trouble (he triggered a Digital Hazard when he tried to kill Yori while she was sick, in an attempt to prevent it from ever happening). He prefers fighting hand to hand unless he is pressed to use his sword, which doubles as a defensive shield for him as well.
I am a writer with 15 years experience writing prose and 4 years writing comic scripts as the writer and creator of Center Lane. You have an idea to put together into a comic? I'm available for hire to script your comic. Prices can be negotiated on a per page basis. While I'll lean heavily towards original concepts, fan created works, as well as NSFW work, will be accepted a case by case basis.

While I have no interest in writing prose for hire at this time, I am also open for requests to writing short stories behind your original artwork (no fanworks at this time, NSFW will be accepted on a case by case basis). I will even gladly stream the story being written, displaying the artwork the story is based on next to it and inform you when the stream will take place.

Please either reply here or note me for any requests or job offers. Thank you for your consideration.


(Artwork by TheRafaLee, TheShyestNinja, and Rayaroja)
Two Views by CenterLaneComicCenter Lane: Owe Nobody by CenterLaneComicIntroduction Part 1 by TheShyestNinjaRequest: Superman vs. Son Goku by Rayaroja


Peter's WolfSneaking out of the house and away from his parents was easy. They were still asleep later than normal. Sneaking past the guards was even easier. The child avoided the gates they guarded, taking the hidden paths that only the children were aware of leading out of the village. Even staying out of sight of the watchmen was easy after learning how to traverse the woods unseen, and after his father taught him how to survive them. No mages existed in this town or they would’ve detected him easily.
Avoiding a wolf was harder than Peter expected.
Peter had completely forgotten about the knife hanging from his belt, sitting with his back against a tree as a wolf stared at him. He stopped registering the cool autumn air his sweater protected him from or the rough bark that he pressed his back against, only watching the wolf intently.
The wolf walked silently towards him, not making a sound. Peter wondered if it was hungry and just found its next meal, but it seemed more curious. All the c
HealerThe flames caused by the recent battle had already been extinguished and burned out. The soldiers that had fought that battle had been long replaced by healers sent from the temples to search for survivors. The healers were cladded in hooded robes and carried staves for their spells. Many had silver feathers adorned on their back, each feather a mark for work they had done. As the day approached its end, many of the healers returned to their home temple, unable to continue their work due to exhaustion. None of the high ranking priestesses wanted to risk their healers to the dangers it caused.
The problem with the healers is how they gain their power. The angels they commune with are prideful, looking down on humans. Just to use their power, the healer has to gain a certain level of respect from the angels, but even then, they could tire of the healers quickly. The results of forcing the power out of them can be quite erratic and extremely risky.
One of the rookies found t

Mature Content

I tabled my first convention this past weekend at Mini-Mini Con at Wonderland Mall. I did pretty well considering, selling 8 copies of Center Lane #1 and got the cost of the table recouped. A lot of people showed interest in the Digimon Knights and Outclassed concepts as well.

Even more interesting, I actually got interviewed at the convention among other creators there. You can view the video here. I'm actually at the 3-minute mark.
Well, first of all, here are the accounts for Center Lane

Main site:

And here's my personal accounts.

SamsonLeandro, apparently...


Tag 8 people you want to know better!


Christopher Galbreath (Also, penname: Izumi Ryu)

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6-8 hours

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None, they're all unlucky to me.

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The Hartford (I was looking for their contact # for work!)

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Takumi Fujiwara (Initial D)

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Work clothes still (dress pants and a polo shirt)

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November 2012

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47 (Yet I've watched over 300 accounts?)

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Writing and mirrored comic pages from my webcomic.

[Do you run any more blogs?]: is a WordPress blog running with ComicPress... It's the main site of Center Lane.

[Do you get a lot of comments?]:

Very few...if I'm lucky or just took advantage of a Deviant Thumbshare thread.

[Why did you choose that username?]:

Because this account was created with help with promoting my comic in mind.

Now tag 8 people (You don't have to do dis)

I don't? Good, I'll end my part of the thread here before I annoy the Hell out of someone else.
I should start doing these to showcase others' artworks, especially those doing original works.

And first up, we have Mr-Sage's Wendy and Phone, a gag strip about a confrontational high schooler ending up with a prototype smart phone with a sass streak.

Wendy and Phone #1 by Mr-Sage

Kind of reminds me of a certain omnipresent entity with a penchant for high tech (or more like he's useless outside of it...). (I seriously would hate to see what would happen between these two.)

Digital Overlord? by CenterLaneComic

Of course, said phone doesn't make life easy on Wendy, whether he's crushing on her best friend...

Wendy and Phone #5 by Mr-Sage

Making her other friends think she's nuts... (which is probably not too far off...)

Wendy and Phone #22 by Mr-Sage

Or just making life in general difficult for her...

Wendy and Phone #29 by Mr-Sage

Not that she hasn't tried getting revenge on it or anything...

Wendy and Phone #15 by Mr-Sage

So give Wendy and Phone a look and see how you enjoy it...

And if this comic is not your thing, Mr-Sage has a number of original pieces. Possible concepts for new projects? Or just commission work for others...

Raise Gamer - Adventure by Mr-Sage Daily Doodle #50 - Harp by Mr-Sage  Daily Doodle #55 - Weirdos Among Us by Mr-Sage
I’ve had only a few goals for 2016. After I managed to get the first printing of Center Lane done, obviously, finding more ways to sell them and attending some small cons or bazaar days as a vendor would be my first goal.

(By the way, if you’re in San Antonio, you can buy the book at Gotham Newsstand at Wonderland Mall.)

The second goal is to get another project produced. You’ve already seen concept pictures and (hopefully) the first chapter script for Digimon Knights, but there’s another concept I’m looking to put together called Powerless.

The concept behind Powerless is a group of normal kids stumbling on some of their peers having superpowers. Before you go thinking this is another superhero story, powers is where any similarities to DC, Marvel or even Valiant end. This actually applies the use of powers in a more realistic setting. Sure, it’s an ideal that someone finds they have such talents, they’ll put it to good use. Reality, they’re more likely to use them to give themselves a hidden edge that separate them from their ‘lesser’ peers, whether they’re socialites, bullies, athletes or scholars.

In an attempt to tone down from typical supervillainy, such characters are used as antagonists. However, any anti-bullying themes are actually unintended. This actually focuses on the theme of action vs. ability. That it doesn’t matter what you can do, but what you actually do, whether it’s putting a stop to a teleporter picking on random classmates or trying to compete with a speedster in basketball during gym class.

It also helps that those with powers have to keep their abilities in check to an extent. These characters have an advantage that is gone if their talents were known. Just the protagonists knowing about them is a threat to them, but it’s only allowed when one of their own starts risking their secret being blown for their own personal amusement.

Right now, I'm in the middle of writing the script. However, I already have character concepts I'd like to get help designed. Right now, I'm looking just to do 3 of the main characters, but I have up to 7 characters decided on with the potential for more down the road. If you're interested, please send me a note or e-mail me at This will be a paid commission (via Paypal, no points), so please quote me your rates.  I will be interested in finding someone to help produce the comic once at least the first chapter is comp;eted.

Thank you for your consideration.
In an attempt to get more eyes on Center Lane, I've uploaded all previous pages to DeviantArt. The current page will still be viewable on the main site ( and there is also a preview of the next page as a voting incentive on Top Webcomics. Center Lane updates on the main site on Sundays and Wednesdays at 12 midnight (US Central Time).
TheRafaLee and I were interviewed by the blog Best Webcomics. You can view the interview here:
Recently, I paid for a commission of Derrick and Yori, characters of another script I've been writing, thanks to Banganger. Want to know their story? My Patreon (…) now has all 3 scripts up for view by anyone that pledges $5 or more per month.
We now have a Patreon campaign underway for further support of this comic and possibly for more projects to be produced. If you wish to contribute, you can do so at….
Center Lane will be one of the inaugural titles available on the new app Webcomics Now, coming this weekend through the iOS.
As of yesterday, information for Tip Jar incentives have been placed on…. Current incentives include new stories written by myself or exclusive artwork by TheRafaLee. Readers, we will be grateful to anyone that supports Center Lane and hope to provide a lot more to come.
Wow, I really haven't updated anything here in quite awhile. So what's going on here?

Center Lane is still going and has been for the last six to seven months and has already broken 50 pages. I've neglected mirroring my pages to here so I'm going to catch up on those. Otherwise, you can catch all updates on I have nothing but high praise for TheRafaLee for his artwork and if you want to support him, you can purchase his commissions.

Also, in helping with support to Center Lane, I've been editing and writing abdullah80's Ninja Wolf Saizo and about to take over writing as of Chapter 5. The story is actually much farther ahead in script than it is in production right now. You can view those comics at I've also been writing another title for abdullah80 so be on the look out for news about that.

As far as support? I still have the prints for sale here and the Donate button. As much as I'd like to go into Patreon, I'm still trying to figure out what to offer for those that do donate if I get into it. Otherwise, feel free to offer your vote to us at Top Webcomics, which you can vote for Center Lane and Ninja Wolf Saizo daily. I've already been seeing small bumps in traffic for being on the front page of the Newcomers' list, I can only imagine the traffic from hitting the top 100.

To all readers of the comic, I do thank you for your support. Hopefully, I'll be able to provide a lot more for readers as time goes on.

After what I've deemed the pilot of this series, I'm going to come to a crossroads about what to do.

I have nothing but high praise for TheRafaLee and his work with the comic. I would like nothing more than to continue work with him throughout this series. However, I'm hitting the wall with the business side of things. Without the means for funding the continued production of this comic, I may have to put it on hiatus until it's rectified. My ideal goal would be to avoid that and continue work with TheRafaLee in this situation though.

To reach that, I'm asking for help. I currently have three options for that.

1.) Prints for Sale: I currently have the first three pages of Center Lane on sale for prints. And more pages will become available as the final pages are released.

2.) Commissions: While not an artist, I am a writer. I do offer paid commissions for writing scripts and any other form of writing and editing, especially fiction. For comic scripts, depending on what the work entails, I charge $10-20/page. Any other work is negotiable. Please, contact me here or at for further information or job offers.

As an added note, TheRafaLee also offers commissions on concepts, sequential art, and prints. TheRafaLee is number 1 on my short list regarding commissions, so I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

3.) Donations: While I'm lacking in donation goals right now, I do have a Paypal Donation button set up on Any money donated will go solely to further production and promotion of the comic. The only thing I have to offer for now is the continued production of the comic and the eventual goal of increasing the release rate of the comics by building a buffer.

Thank you for your support.

New comic up on

Finally, the purpose of this account has started. Center Lane has debuted and can be viewable on I will likely release pages here as well. Thanks to Rafa Lee for making this possible.


Second, to help fund this project, I had worked on another project as an editor. That comic, Ninja Wolf Saizo by Abdullah Alhajry can be viewed on

Need help with your comic script? Or do you have a concept you need put together? I am offering commissions for writing and revising scripts, whether it is a simple comic strip or a comic book issue you're putting together. I will work with you to make sure you have a quality script set up and ready to be produced.

Until I get a proper time for work completion, I will limit this to five openings, and may limit or increase it depending on the size of projects requested.


Rough Draft and Revisions: $20/page.

Revisions Only: $10/page.

All Payments via Paypal. I will not require payment until work is completed. Work time will depend on length and number of projects.

Content: I reserve the right to decline any projects that include offensive material. And while I am willing to write for content that includes adult material for those that are 18+, that will be subject to consideration and still reserve the right to decline what I am not comfortable with.

Please contact me either via PM or by e-mail at for any projects. Also, provide best means of contact for instant communication during the work process, especially for shorter projects. I will be available most evenings (5 PM or later US Central Time).