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Sneaking out of the house and away from his parents was easy. They were still asleep later than normal. Sneaking past the guards was even easier. The child avoided the gates they guarded, taking the hidden paths that only the children were aware of leading out of the village. Even staying out of sight of the watchmen was easy after learning how to traverse the woods unseen, and after his father taught him how to survive them. No mages existed in this town or they would’ve detected him easily.

Avoiding a wolf was harder than Peter expected.

Peter had completely forgotten about the knife hanging from his belt, sitting with his back against a tree as a wolf stared at him. He stopped registering the cool autumn air his sweater protected him from or the rough bark that he pressed his back against, only watching the wolf intently.

The wolf walked silently towards him, not making a sound. Peter wondered if it was hungry and just found its next meal, but it seemed more curious. All the child knew was he had to stay put, and hope it would go away. The wolf stopped close, its snout only a mere inches away from his face, sniffing him cautiously.

The boy slowly picked a hand up, cautiously bringing it to the wolf’s face. At that moment, Peter felt a rush of sensations, fear, hunger, anger, concern, curiosity. He felt a lot of emotions, the wolf’s experiences, everything.

Upon pulling his hand back, the wolf stepped back and shook his head. Peter wasn’t even sure how he knew it was a male, but when it regained its senses, he stepped closer to the boy and licked his face before nuzzling him, as if reassuring the child that he wasn’t to be feared.

Several moments later, they heard the sound of snapping branches surrounding him. The wolf turned around and growled at the pack that now surrounded him. Peter recognized the pack, as what the wolf was trying to get away from. Now, that fear was gone. Peter felt a protective urge from the wolf, not willing to allow the boy to be harmed at all.

One of the pack bounded toward the wolf from the left, trying to get into his blind spot. As if merely sensing it, the wolf jerked toward it, opening its maw and taking a sharp bite down on its outstretched arm. The attacking wolf shrieked out in pain as it hit the ground.

The rest of the pack lunged at him, trying to avenge their injured packmate. Peter slowly stood up, noticing that the pack paid little attention to him. Part of him telling he should run, but he felt a stronger sense to stay. He didn’t know what he could do, but he couldn’t abandon the wolf protecting him.

The wolf had done a good job avoiding the pack’s attacks, trying to find a point to attack that wouldn’t get him ganged up on by the others. Eventually, he took a wrong step and he exposed his side to a clawed swipe from one of his enemies. The wolf shrieked in pain, but at the same time, Peter felt a sharp pain at his side. The boy yelled in surprise, gripping at his left side and turning towards where he thought he was attacked from.

Nothing was there, not even a tree branch he could have brushed by. Peter didn’t get what happened but it still hurt. Even then, he realized he needed to do something to protect his new friend.

Peter’s hand brushed against his knife handle, still hanging on his belt. Peter got an idea as he grabbed the knife out. Without thinking, he started yelling as he bolted for the pack, pointing his knife at the closest enemy wolf. Peter rushed toward it at a speed he didn’t even know he had, his legs burning from the excessive force he was pushing as he ran.
Peter heaved the knife into the enemy wolf’s side, causing it to howl in pain. The others looked up at Peter as he jerked the knife out of his first victim’s hide. “Anyone want to test your luck?!” the boy yelled, a sense of courage he hadn’t felt as he pointed the bloody knife at the others. The three that were unharmed took off deeper into the woods while the two injured ones limped off after them, turning to look at their enemies before taking off again.

The wolf he had protected softly nudged the boy’s hand. The boy kneeled down and hugged the wolf, thankful for its protection and glad it was over. The wolf started licking Peter on the face repeatedly, causing the boy to start giggling. He let go of the wolf, getting too ticklish to keep hold.

“I better get home,” Peter told him.

The wolf let out a whimper in disapproval. “I’m sorry, but I can’t take you home with me,” Peter stood up, before petting the wolf on the head. “But I’ll be back and we can play then.” The wolf wagged its tail happily as if it understood what Peter said. Maybe he did, they seemed to understand each other more.

Peter had already arrived home before nightfall. His parents thought he was out playing with the other children, despite the drop in the number of children in the village. However, as Peter tucked himself away for the night, he heard a howl off in the distance, far outside the village. His father grumbled about wolves, wishing the watchmen would just eliminate them all already. Peter smiled inwardly, saying “Good night, Lobo” as he fell asleep.
A child sneaks out of his village to play in the woods, only to encounter a wolf. What happens next, is nothing like he ever expected.
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fluoroid Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
I like your voice and your attention to the details. It make's world feel tangible. I loved the way you conveyed Peter's thoughts. You could probably write equally as effectively in first person if you desired to. ^^ Keep up the good work!
CenterLaneComic Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
Thank you. I do try to aim for making the world seem tangible. In fact, even in my fanfics, I try to write it in a way that someone that didn't follow the series could follow the story still. First person seems too 'easy' to an extent, more of a challenge to write third person (omniscient or limited).
fluoroid Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
That's great that first person is easy for you to write. I personally find it challenging to portray well without being too cheesy.
CenterLaneComic Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
First person started feeling like a beginner's error after awhile.
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