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A massive red reptile barreled through the crowd of humans in the city streets, no bigger than a ten-year old child. Most people were pushed to the side without a thought, his eyes showing he was extremely distracted at the moment as he kept scanning the area and sniffing the air. Normally, he'd apologize...or be hiding, but this was too big of an emergency. He knew what...or rather, whom he was searching for was nearby, he just couldn't pinpoint them. He suddenly stopped as if he found them. Now that he's stopped, the on-lookers could make out the black markings around his tail and his arms and legs, a hunched over bipedal dino. His white underbelly bore a black mark that resembled some kind of hazard symbol. Many weren't sure what to think of him.

Any attention the reptile had was drawn away from the sound of clanging metal along with the sound of tires skidding on the pavement. Even the reptile turned to look at where the sound came from, seeing cars had stopped in all directions, giving space to the spectacle. An oversized humanoid wearing leather armor skid back as he landed, the light reflecting for a moment off of a golden ornament on its helmet resembling a horned devil. The moment he came to a stop, it held up its sword pointed forward and upward, ready to react to what happens next. "Do you think yourself a knight, little girl?" the demon said.

Standing several feet away, someone hid behind a round shield almost as big as its wielder. The girl peeked  over the shield, smiling as she did. She was wearing a green junior high school uniform with shorts underneath. Her black hair only reached shoulder length, something she refused to get any longer. "Around here, at least it's something different than a samurai," she remarked.

"Yori!" the reptile yelled at the girl, not liking that she was smiling. It meant she was having fun...way too much fun. "Don't you dare push yourself!" He rushed toward the scene, weaving between the stopped cars to get through to the opening.

The swordsman glanced back at the dinosaur, only now realized he was surrounded by the girl and what was likely her digimon partner. Yori took a moment to glance at the reptile rushing towards them. "Don't worry, Guilmon. I can take care of Musyamon."

Musyamon glared back at her, his pride stepped on as the girl dismissed him as if he was just practice. Guilmon wanted to chastise the girl, who only turned her attention back to the irate swordsman. Guilmon knew the girl was right about Musyamon, she could take him out easily. It's what happens after the fact that worried him.

Guilmon didn't want to take chances, preparing to jump into the fight in a moment's notice. Musyamon charged toward Yori, screaming out his rage towards the girl. He swung down on the girl, only for it to collide with her shield yet again. The girl pushed upward, throwing the sword up and the swordsman back. Yori pulled her spear back and thrusting it forward, only to pierce through Musyamon's side. Yori swore at herself as she pulled the joust back only to make another attempt, but another glancing blow on his leg.

Musyamon stumbled back, cringing at the blows he took. Suddenly a high pitched roar sounded from behind him. With not enough time to turn around the same voice shouted "Rock Breaker!!". Guilmon's claws slashed Musyamon from behind, catching the swordsman off guard. His eyes widened at the unexpected attack.

"Fireball!!" Guilmon shouted as his mouth opened wide, a red sphere of flames filled it before Guilmon spitting it out, firing on the adult level digimon. The fireball exploded as it collided with Musyamon, but it only knocked him down, not kill him like Guilmon hoped. "Damn!"

"I…got this…Guilmon," Yori breathed heavily, starting to show signs of fatigue. She charged at the fallen digimon, the spear pointed at its chest.

"Yori! No! Just let me handle him!" Guilmon shouted.

Yori ignored him. Instead as Musyamon tried to get up, Yori shoved the spear forward with her full strength, piercing through the digimon's chest. Musyamon gawked in shock to find him completely impaled by this girl's spear.  Despite the victory, Musyamon only saw fatigue in the girl’s eyes, almost as if she was sick as she gasped for breath. “You?” Musyamon asked, the last thing he felt being pity for the girl, not anger like he expected.

"Yori!" Guilmon called out, more worried than angry at the girl. The girl shoved her spear into the ground, doubling over and using the spear as support.

"Damn it," she spat out, feeling light headed and heating up. "Why?"

Before she lost her grip, Guilmon rushed under her, catching her before she hit the ground. Yori breathed heavilly as she rested on her Digimon partner, feeling like she was burning up. "Come on," Guilmon told her. "I'll carry you home."

"Why am I so pathetic?" Yori asked. "I'm always like this."

Guilmon lifted the girl so that he could carry her on his back. She wrapped her arms around the reptile’s neck, holding on with what strength she had. Guilmon could feel that she was getting heavier, even as the shield and spear vanished. He didn't know how much longer he'd be able to do this for her.

"You're not pathetic," Guilmon told her.  "You're the strongest person I know." Guilmon didn't know how to tell her the nature of what was going on. She carried the same virus in her that he did, but her body wasn't built to contain it like his was. He knew it was taking advantage of her weakened state. "You just need to learn to hold back..."

"Why?" Yori asked.

"So you can keep that strength going longer," Guilmon told her, giving the girl a warm smile as he struggled under her weight to reach her apartment.
Years before her encounter with Derrick, Yori and Guilmon were still fighting rogue Digimon in the human world, but she had a tendency to run herself ragged.

Yori by Banganger

You can read the first chapter of the Digimon Knights script here:…
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