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The fear of battle had faded for Derrick over time. The fact that V-mon could reach his adult form helped greatly, V-Dramon being more than capable of handling most threats. However, even now, as the dark-skinned 12-year old tried to plow through the massive crowd running past him in the opposite direction, he couldn't help but feal some level of fear. People may have died already, or they could attack the Digimon out of fear, only to find their efforts fruitless. He needed to get to the emergence before it caused too much damage.

As he got past the crowd, V-mon landed in front of him. Bystanders still scattered throughout the area. Derrick scanned the area, finding a majority of the people just standing to watch the spectacle, while others either couldn't move because of injury or tried to move about their day unimpeded.

The wolf stood towering over the numerous vehicles, stepping over them as if they were mere rocks to him. It's tail lashed out behind him, a series of blue stripes ran up its fur, which seemed so smooth enough to look as if it were steel. It seemed that way as a rock hit it and bounced harmlessly off of him. "Hey! Mind if you get out of the way?!" a pedestrian yelled at him.

Blue flames filled the wolf's mouth as the man suddenly looked in terror and bolted. The flame attack suddenly burst out from the wolf's mouth, the man barely managing to escape in time to avoid being burnt.

"Garurumon, huh?" V-mon remarked. The blue humanoid reptile stood at half of Derrick's size. He looked up at the boy and asked, "Want this one? This should be easy."
The boy looked horrified at the reptile. "In what world is a giant fire-breathing wolf 'easy'?" he asked.

"Derrick, do you really want me to answer that question?" The lizard asked the boy, his eyes glaring from under the gold-emblazoned 'v' shape on his forehead.

Derrick sighed in defeat. "No..." he replied, knowing full well what the answer would be. "Sorry, V-mon, I..."

"You're the one with the weapons," V-mon interrupted, reminding Derrick of the weaposn he recently found out he had access to. "You need to learn how to use them."

Derrick nodded, a pair of bracelets appearing on his arms, each one hooked to a massive device that seemed to cover much of his arm.  "Fine, here goes nothing," Derrick whined as he stepped forward. V-mon crossed his arms and watched his human partner walk up to the wolf.

Garurumon looked down at the boy, who seemed outright scared of his wits, but stood prepared as if he was ready to fight.  Blue flames overfilled its mouth yet again before spitting it out at Derrick. The boy screamed in fear as he held up his left arm and cowered behind it, trying not to look as the flame attack hit an energy barrier in front of him, leaving him unharmed.

Garurumon's eyes widen in surprise at this development as the fire attack subsided. Derrick continued to cower behind his arm, the shield remaining upright. "Derrick! What are you doing?!" V-mon asked, which finally got him to look up at his opponent from behind the barrier.

Garurumon suddenly leaped forward, its paws striking the barrier with a massive push that caused Derrick to stumble backwards and trip so that he landed on his back. The Garurumon thought he had an opening and rushed in, only for Derrick to quickly erect the shield again. Garurumon's claw slammed into the energy barrier. This time, neither the barrier, nor Derrick moved, having more leverage while lying on his back, but Derrick's eyes showed more fear as he noticed the barrier starting to flicker under the constant force being pressed against it.

Suddenly the shield broke down as the paw came crashing down on the boy, who lifted his arms and legs up to keep the paw from crushing him completely, his knees pressing against the heel as his hands pressed up just where its toes would be. He struggled against the pressure as the wolf kept pushing down on him.

Derrick pulled his right hand back as his remaining limbs struggled to hold up the paw. Suddenly, and energy blade formed from the device on his right wrist, which he punched up and stabbed through the wolf’s foot. The wolf cried out in pain as it pulled back, lifting off of Derrick and allowing the boy to scramble to his feet. Derrick dashed forward and swung the sword at its other foot, completely severing it. As the first foot came down trying to stay standing in excruciating pain, Derrick rushed that leg and slashed it off.

The wolf started to collapse forward, the underside of his head about to crush Derrick underneath. V-mon actually called out to Derrick in concern and started to run toward him, but Derrick slashed at the descending head...or rather its neck, decapitating the Garurumon and causing the rest of its body to disperse into data.

Derrick started to pant heavily as the battle finally came to an end, the weapons on his arms vanishing. V-mon stormed up to him, all signs of concern gone as he slapped Derrick in the back of his head. "Ow!!" Derrick whined.

"What was that?!" V-mon asked, throwing his arms up at his side. "That was painful just to watch!"

"That...was trying not to die!" Derrick shouted back in anger. "Geez... What do you want from me?"

"You know you're more likely to survive if you end the fight faster," V-mon scolded him. "You ended up with those weapons for a reason.  Learn how to use them!"

Derrick stayed silent as the digimon stormed off, his anger more than visible. The boy quietly followed him. He may have won the fight, but he felt less sure of himself than before. Looking around, people started to move on, giving Derrick a strange look, nost sure what to think of him. Those injured were finally getting help while others kept on with the rest of the day. The damage done to the area as minimized to much of the vehicles and fixtures in the area. Derrick wondered just how much of it he could have prevented had he attacked sooner.
Years before the Mugen Dramon incident in New York, 12-year-old Derrick had found out he had access to the V-Bracelets. Sometimes, you just need a crash course in how to use them.

"Digimon Squires" is actually a small group of prequel pieces to a script I'm writing called Digimon Knights, looking into the earlier times of some of the characters.

Derrick by Banganger

Concept art by Banganger. Derrick as he will appear in Digimon Knights.

If you're interested, you can view the first chapter of the script here.…
Comments4You Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
I really like what you have written so far. It's a great way to introduce the characters along with the plot and it seems very detailed enough too. Well done with this!
CenterLaneComic Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
Thank you. This piece is the first of 5 I planned to write like this. These are not only intended to introduce characters, but to show just how much they've grown/changed before their roles in the planned comic. (Which I linked the first chapter of the script I'm the summary).

I hope it was easy enough to follow. I tried to make it detailed enough so that even someone that didn't follow the franchise could follow it.
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