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Structural Renders-C4d

By Centercore
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Hello this tutorial is a video tutorial/walkthrough u need reselector a tiny free plugin from the download section in [link] good site home of ditools anyway have fun and try to learn.

And drop me a comment if u used :D i would like to know

Made for cinema 4d buy the way but it will work with 3dsm you just gotta aproach it a little differently.
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Hi, thanks for your tuts.
I undid this post but I am particularly interested about your shader used in this render. As you said, I tried to play with a material with only transparency and reflection channels but without any success. Please, would you be kind enough to provide another tip/shader example/learning source in order to get the same effect ?
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Damn, this was posted a long time ago, huh. Plugin doesn't even get loaded in R13
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here is the plugin for those seeking it.

I don't know if it works in the more recent releases of cinema, I have no reason to think it doesn't. Lots of creative hubs still link to this tut (5 years later) without doing any research into its validity.
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Hi Centercore (and other people out there ;-)

according to the comments i understand that there is a speechless video tutorial of your "Structural Renders-C4d", but i've never ever been able to see it.

Can you tell me where it is ???
Or maybe where is the "button" to launch the tutorial ?

I'm dying to see it ;-)

p.s.: I'm a big fan of your work, you truly are a talented one
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ok, i finally understood the situation, in fact, it's just that i can't see your tutorial because of a codec problem (MSS2)
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Wow that looks nice
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That programme isn't available anymore, what can I do?
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Cinema 4d is available and so is re selector plugin.
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Sorry for that, the link was not working, I did some googling and found the programme. It only works for edges though, any idea why?
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Nope, I dont use the plugin anymore because random abstracts aernt my thing anymore. Sorry.
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Great Tut! +fav!
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Is there audio for this tut?
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nice tut, thx. it may be on 110% but looks almost complicated ;) lol, just took me while to figure it out since i'm kinda new to C4D... but nice tut!!! :salute:
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YEAH im prob not gonna use this tut even thought the stuff looks good except for one fact that turns me off the structure is paper thin
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only when u start deleting
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i know i like it widthy like in [link] ... deviantart is still buggy its not in my gallery yet...
just what probs breaker is having... whats wrong with dev!!!!!!
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What material is that? ^_^
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