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A livestream commission for xWhiteDreamsx.
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I'm sure you've heard this before, but this looks remarkably similar to a Zoroark
Lyra-Stars's avatar
Not to be creepy, but this pony is kind of hot XD
xandraclay's avatar
A vampire and an actor, a killer combo!
Commander-Ludwig's avatar
Well would you look at this.
Somebody posted this without signature onto ROBLOX without credit, dear sir.
Wolfs4Eva's avatar
.....This is re-uploaded without the signature, But nice work.
XxReonxX315's avatar
Zoroark really looks cool as a pony! Fantastic job! ^^
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YoshiRingo's avatar
He looks very adorable, I love his fang X3
LordYanYu's avatar
The shading make his tail and mane look cool.
Shyn448's avatar
Omg wasn't paying attention but he's like a perfect ponyfication of Zoroark !!! Aaaaahhh *fangasme everywhere* !!!La la la la I am a dummy! La la la la 
... Sorry love this so much Meow :3 
equigoyle's avatar
He's got that. ...look. Is he a vampire? I don't think he's clear on whether or not he's friend or foe. :)
His colors are a nice blend too. I really like the purple and black with hints of red. Striking character. It must be a lot of fun doing all these commissions. :)
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Took a moment to realise this is based on Zoroark

Can I take him? It's so badass and adorable!!
xWhiteDreamsx's avatar
He is mine 8D only mine *^*
CorvidShadow's avatar
CorvidShadow's avatar
Welp, said Zoroark because of the light blue ribbon
RainbowScreen's avatar
yea XD thats from Zoroark because I liked it (( I design this pony )) 
CorvidShadow's avatar
Oh, then is like a fusion between both dark foxes :3 nice one, and again, I love the design
ponyponychan's avatar
I love your shading style hh
Gamerpen's avatar
He look so awesome.
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