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Sweet Velvet

A livestream commission for xWhiteDreamsx.
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I wanna play with her!
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She looks sooo cute ^.^
wolfe-inugami's avatar
i think im in luv!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
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A really adorable picture! :heart:
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Fucking adorable! =D <3 XD
Sethisto's avatar
this is the greatest pony
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*serious complimenting*
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and you can draw my oc?
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She does not take requests. 
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A few problems with the lineart but still good!
sweettreat6000's avatar
problems? problems?! this thing is flawless!
princessbabylanii's avatar
If you zoom in you can see the mistakes.
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Has a cutesie punk look to it~ I always loved punk and goth and it usually fits well with most bat ponies. Honestly I don't know if it's me or the artwork, but it just looks more unique in your style. It pops out more and gives it more character~ 
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I'm guessing this is more Lolita though?
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I love pony tongues!
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aw man! your pony style is amazing! i wish i could do nice smooth shading like that XD
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This is amazing, and someone is trying to take that glory from you! D:
They stole it and posted it here:…
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