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Squatty Potty

A livestream commission for Legion.
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The unicorn in the commercial has a name :) Dookie.
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Best poop of your life.
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The DUMBEST and creepiest commercial ever!!!
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it actually work.
PanHead537's avatar
I'm not saying it's a bad product, I'm saying the commercial was complete garbage.
Tikimillie's avatar
yeah... but its good for drawing attention.
DraconicFluff's avatar
that. that commercial XD
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SlateSadPony's avatar
I'll take double fudge, please.
AidanofVT's avatar
Sometimes an image is so strange it must be clicked on.
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"Hey! Do you want ice cream? My treat!"
"Huh? Why not?"
-I... Like my ice cream when it's actually made from cream!
"Oh! But I ate a ton of cream this morning... And I don't want to waste it..."
-Do you seriously think I want one?
"Then, why do you a ice cream cone in your hooves?"
-What? H-how did you....
"Give a moment and I will...."
The pony ran away.
"Awww... I really don't want to-
-Hey! You!
"Who, me?"
-Yes, you! Did you ever taste the best spicy peppers in all Equestria?
"Uh, no. I don't I ever did. But it seems quite interesting to-*gasp!*
-Uh, are you okay? Wait! Ain't you the pony who poop ice cream?
"Yes, it's me! And with your help, I will create a brand new flavor that I'm sure so many ponies will enjoy! *smile*"

Couldn't resist. Lovely work. Damn that video was creepy.
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Dang right that video was creepy!
cajobif's avatar
And the worst, people made other videos about that said correct shiting position.
PanHead537's avatar
I don't use that thing, anyway.
cajobif's avatar
Never ever tried it?
cajobif's avatar
Pretty uncomfortable.
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