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A commission for NyxWhisper of her pony Snow Spell who is based off of Elsa from Frozen.
Holy crap was Elsa's castle hard to recreate. xD
Also, I just wanna let you all know that I have never seen this movie at all so forgive me for any errors. I tried my best.
I know Elsa's hair is bleach-blonde/white. The purple shading is because I wanted the purple castle to reflect with her hair. I did try to use a bit of yellow in her hair. :>
And lastly. I do NOT want critiques please. If I get ANY critiques, I only want to hear them from NyxWhisper since this is her commission!
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You did a fantastic job in the design of Elsa as a pony.
Art-of-Shannon-Lee's avatar
I don't think you should have been worried about the shading at all! ^_^ it looks just perfect!
AmrasFelagund's avatar
God, this is beautiful work!
wetwillyadventure's avatar
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i like it really, but i think it's heavily based on elsa (not trying to offend owner)
Iemonades's avatar
it's supposed to be based on elsa lmao
try reading the description
Kaizellea's avatar
I know. I'm just saying though because i thought it was an OC. The owner told me it's a fan pony/character or whatever
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The pose is just phenomenal. I love everything about this, Glitter :heart:
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this is beautiful!
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OH, MY EYES, I CAN'T SEEEEEE!!!! :iconmy-eyesplz:
SamiSamanthaWhight's avatar
urgh, bronies everywhere.
Appimena's avatar
Ugh, haters everywhere!
BraixenXxo's avatar
Hey, why not you just gtfo? :)
Centchi's avatar
Urgh! People who have no respect for other people's drawings everywhere!
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No critiques? So I can't say this is absolutely AWESOME???
ijustloveit619's avatar
Seeing as you haven't seen the movie and yet still done it with almost perfect accuracy I'll say you did a VERY good job :D!

If you didn't see the movie, did you just watch that specific part where she sings or just grabbed a few references?
Griffinlover9785's avatar
Awesome! Keep up the good work!
RedEmber00's avatar
*sighs* Art theifs everywhere, I tell you. Ugh.

i drew elsa as a poni :)) by xTenshi-Ameshisutox
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