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Hoof Beatz Official Reference Guide

An official reference guide of one of BronyCon's mascots, Hoof Beatz! :D
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Who is the author of this base?
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Hoof Beatz is the best~ I'd give him and you a hug also amazing job! 😄
matcha-milk-shake's avatar
how much are altimite refrence sheets !!??La la la la La la la la 
lianemo0819's avatar
I absolutely love the way you set up your Reference Guides. 
They are so great!
BeatLink27's avatar
Holy wubs, I love it!
mlpsuperfan1234's avatar
:o i wish you could do one for me 
Centaur71's avatar
I can see him becoming Vinyl Scratch's special somepony (but I think Octavia took that position)
SachaMarsh's avatar
Darn I want one your really good
Kyoshyu's avatar
Poutine! :dummy: Well dang, we have at least one thing in common. :)
HatsuneMiku0125's avatar
When Vinyl Scratch meets him , I'm sure they will be blasting tunes
SummerisleDog's avatar
Awesome!  All the poses are great!
NightFyreDragon's avatar
Awesome reference guide. I like the pose you used for the Equestria Boy version.
PrivateEyePony's avatar
I really love your reference designs. They are incredibly thorough and look beautiful. 
SifuLeon's avatar
Omg he's a cutie <3
MemeSquid's avatar
His honestly my favorite mascot out of the three of em! You did a great job on him :D
Centchi's avatar
Aww! Thank you! =3
owlity's avatar
What a cool pony character! I cannot wait to get one of these done! I get excited just thinking about it. xD
Kazi-chan1's avatar
Centchi's avatar
Glad you do! Thanks! :D
Claritee's avatar
Looks great! ^^
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