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Fire Strike

A livestream commission for 3vilpyro.
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I am sorry but someone is trying to sell this pony as an adopt on Wattpad…
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My dear Centchi, this person is stealing your artworks.
FireStorm Omega - OsinionX by OsinionX
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I see that. They flagged my comment as spam. xD
xFroggiii's avatar
As every thief does...
Only you can make the difference anyway!
Centchi's avatar
DA actually made it very difficult to file a report. @_@
xFroggiii's avatar
The dmca still works anyway :0
Centchi's avatar
I'll definitely file something. xD
Thanks for your support! I appreciate it a lot! :D
xFroggiii's avatar
Always in for duty! :)
Keep being epic uvub
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Aww! Thank you! I will! :D
You as well! ♥
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she looks so much like Metal Muffin, Alpha7221's old OC.

Blue eyes, blonde mane with red and orange, deep red coated pegasus.
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Nope, just a coincidence =)
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I know, but still. What are the odds? XD
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Such a determined look. :)
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She does not do requests. Like at all.
sorry. :/
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I made an OC in a story I'm working on which is quite similar to this one... But male.
It was never drawn or anything, nor have I even mentioned it to ANYone.
Just saying... Still very nice!!
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I feel that red, fire themed pegasi are fairly common OCs =) I promise fire strike is my own idea and I've been working on her design for over a year. Good luck with the story you're working on!
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is she a filly?
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