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Fairy Wind and Ceramic Rush

A livestream commission for UxieKnight and Rainywren
to match Wiggle4 By Crystal Comb by UxieKnight made by Crystal-Comb. Thank you for permission! Just wanted to credit you for the poses!~♥
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My thoughts: "Fairy Wind is actually a pretty cool na- hey wait you can't fool me, that's Sylveon!"
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The shading and hair detail on these 2 is amazing!
Kyoshyu's avatar
Aaaaw, they are both pretty. :)
GCCane's avatar
why the plot shot?
CountCarbon's avatar
Because always drawing ponies from the front gets boring?
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wolfe-inugami's avatar
-nose bleed- 
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AshCatArts's avatar
Fairy Wind is one of the better Silveon themed ponies ive seen yet ^^ 
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equigoyle's avatar
I think these two are my favorite. Their colors remind me of two other iconic ponies from waaaaaay back.
Kim-Fareseed's avatar
Fairy Wind? Reminds me of Sylveon.
Joakaha's avatar
I really like the pink one! ><
Skjolty's avatar
awe man, why do timezones have to suck. I missed so much of the stream coz of sleep e__e
l-Carly-l's avatar
I missed the stream QAQ I completely forgot 
Agetian's avatar
Beautiful new work! :love:
UxieKnight's avatar
Guys to kill the joke XD. But this looks wonderful, thank you again Centchi, and can't wait till your next stream.
ZowieStardust-MLP's avatar
Hun, she did such a beautiful job on them! Q w Q ~<333 I also really love the wings you added - really takes it up a notch!
UxieKnight's avatar
I thought about it while she was starting it and I was like. 'Why not a pegisis' they are my fav type of pony and it seem to fit with what little personalty I've desired to give her. Oh I love her so much, and I'm so glad I did buy her from you, you did a great job designing her! Now if I could only get a bat Pony. *Shot 10 times*
NightFyreDragon's avatar
They look amazing!! I really like the one on the left, it reminds me of the Pokemon Sylveon :)
ZowieStardust-MLP's avatar
That's what it's based on. O w O
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