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Cobalt Tangle Ultimate Reference Guide

Part 1 of my half of an art trade with *Nazegoreng. :D
Hope you like it girl!
Gala dress design by *RarityForever.
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and i  want to ask you, can i get maybe permission to try out this style u are drawing?
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so AWWESOMEE AND CUTE!! i will draw this oc is i got time!! >U<
Peaches-n-Charlotte's avatar
can i use some of you're ponies for a gala scene?
Painted-Skys's avatar
I just saw some, not that children friendly, artwork of this char. Very interesting:D

I just wanted to say that your char looks very nice and unique with those leafs in the mane ^^
Gentian-S's avatar
She is cuuuuute =3
Would it be ok to use this OC design for a plush?! I absolutely looove her!!
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It's not my OC, so I can't tell you if that's okay. You're going to have to ask Nazegoreng, as the OC belongs to her.
But Naz won't be back for five more days, so I'd advise you to not take action in making a plush of her OC until she gets back to you.
Fawnuss's avatar
How much is something like this? :P
CrimsonandShadows's avatar
How much do these cost?
Enderchibey's avatar
can you make my oc???? Please!!!!!?????? If so my cutie mark is a forest shield!
Twilight (Cute clap) Plz 
Blue83dragon's avatar
(Sorry if this a downer,but she doesn't do commissions)
xarichii's avatar
how do you do those Reference Sheets ?
phan--dom's avatar
Do you do trades  ? 
Ashtynsparkle555's avatar
Ashtynsparkle555's avatar
Um u don't mind if I use Cobalt as my Applejack in my adventures?
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Feel free to use her in art and writing but please don't claim her as your own :). Make sure to credit her to me and try to keep her true to her character (her character traits are written at the bottom of my DA page). 
Would it be ok to make a plush of her?! She is so adorable and my FAV OC ever!
NazFX's avatar
Sure if you credit me :)
princessbabylanii's avatar
is the dirt on her hooves markings??
NazFX's avatar
It's actual mud :)
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