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Bubblegum Corn

A livestream commission for zombie.
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Neogms's avatar
Best image!!!
Ruined-Plans's avatar
I really love the Kirin <3 but they're both adorable though!
BunfoxX20studios's avatar
Wow Nice job centchi :D
Kyoshyu's avatar
So colourful and cute. :meow:
BloodyPink-M's avatar
They both looks awesome :3
MorganButterfreeman's avatar
Omf it's rare that I ever find any good fanart
xHoneyDreamsx's avatar
beautiful ;w; great job centchi
Dawnpath's avatar
DSC-the-Artist's avatar
I love the colours. It looks very cool
SevenUpPony's avatar
The rainbowyness is just amazing!
Wow! Clean, smooth, and shiny!
RadianceGhost's avatar
Amazing Centchi.

Better to watermark all of your work. Other reason why I don't put the download buttons..
and I put the setting that people must log in or sign up to see your work.. >n> 
equigoyle's avatar
I love the raunbow affect on the kirin pony's hooves and horn. And once again a beautiful combo ofncolors on the unicorn bat pony. And has anyone mentioned you have an awesome signature? Looks like the autograph of a star!
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Woah!!! These two OC's designs are incredible!!! Love it!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
3vilpyro's avatar
I feel like these two should start a band =D
NazFX's avatar
Holy CRAP girl the words I want to use to describe this are inappropriate for this site.
LadyElfie2000's avatar
Are you doing one of these next week by any chance?  I really want to watch one, but I'm usually at church when you do it.  Next week church is meeting at a different time, and I could actually watch one.
blastersky's avatar
wow the rainbow kirin character has such a neat design : D
AshCatArts's avatar
i know right? 
Masao114's avatar
A bat-winged Alicorn & a Kirin. Sweet!
queerponies's avatar
She only has unicorn magic, not earth or pegasus magic like an alicorn.
TheUnderKat's avatar
An allicorn is a pony with both a horn and wings. The magic they use doesn't matter.
I still love these characters though. :heart:
zombie's avatar
She's not an Alicorn. She's just a unicorn that has bat wings. 
TheUnderKat's avatar
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