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A livestream commission for iheartjapan789.
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OH my god, This scared me, I didn't look at the title and just clicked it. This is my real name eheh. Beautiful work as always! 
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I really like this "u"
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This is so good! :D
PonkoPudding's avatar
Whoah that paintbrush! So color! *-*
JasminetheFOX101's avatar
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She mostly always have. xD
JasminetheFOX101's avatar
Sorry. Just found out about her like a week ago. :ashamed: 
DSC-the-Artist's avatar
Cool, I really like your painting style
deli73123's avatar
Coincidentally, this isn't the only light blue unicorn with a painting Talent that I know... o_o
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She looks great.
equigoyle's avatar
Short tails are definitely in this season. ;)
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The paint brush is great.  Very similar cm to mine lol
Puetsua's avatar
So pretty!! :D
NightFyreDragon's avatar
She looks awesome! Great work! :)
RadianceGhost's avatar
Very nice!
Hope no one steal this. ;n;
kikyoyaoi's avatar
really love how you did the color of the paint tis very nice 
mortalshinobi's avatar
love her face and look here
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