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Pioneer Camp

Nostalgic icons on kid's pioneer camps.
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love these but unable to download
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Whats up with the Lenin one?
You should make vector versions of these and sell them on sites like istockphoto. These are amazing icon sets.
sorry to disturb you about this, but when i tried to download the zip file my mcfee security said that there might be spyware inside?? It hailed it as a potentially dangerous download. So better to be safe than sorry BECAUSE I REALLY WANT the icons, is there anything undesirable in it?
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There are only pictures and text files in the archive.
You can unzip it and check all the files with the antivirus software to be sure and safe.
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super duper nahren,

znachok i vpravdu krutoi1
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WTF one of them is a casket!? What kind of kid's camp is that!? :shocked: Great drawings, though.
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we used to tell scary stories in the kid's camp :)
something about casket on the wheels or black killer hand, etc
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i just <3 the Lenin pin! incredible stuff!
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i love the pillor..(pillor? am i spelling right?..i mean the um..stuff ..being used when we are sleeping..sorry my poor english..)
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that's pillow, mate))
DZLover's avatar's pillow!! i'm sorry..
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От значка вобще балдею
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freaking amazing icons :D they rock :D
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omg that pillow looks too damn comfy !! :drool: and omg all the rest is totally awesome art !
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Great icons Centau, really love them, may I ask how was it done? Wacom and photoshop?
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wacom & xara xtreme
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Oh how I weep for 512px versions of your icons :cry:
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ООо круто ! А гробик чёт не припоминаю :)
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Ну это же страшные истории, рассказываемые ночью в пионерлагере с фанариком, про гробик на колесиках. Еще были про черную руку, черный плоток и т.д. =)
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:D Про руку помню :D
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Just amazing my friend!
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Значок — ваще агонь!!
Как настоящий.
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