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Coined, Designed, and Defined by autisticmegumin aka fluffybugs :
definition: integender is a term exclusively for intersex people who feel that their gender identity, whatever it may be, is intrinsically tied to being intersex. integender may be combined with other labels, or used on its own. for example, a demigirl who feels that their identity as a demigirl is linked to being intersex could be called an integender demigirl. or, an intersex person who feels that their gender is intersex could use integender alone. (these are just some examples, this label can be used in many ways!)

why? i personally identified as intergender for a while, using this concept as my personal definition for it, but have become increasingly uncomfortable with its popular definition as a gender between male and female (since i dont identify as male at all!) as well as the debates on what it actually means, whether it’s actually intersex-specific, and so on. if you identify as intergender with this meaning, im not trying to push you to “switch” to integender by any means! essentially, i coined this term for a sense of personal clarity, the comfort of knowing it means exactly how i identify and not having to explain to others what a term personally means to me.

feel free to come up with alternate names or flags for this label! (if you are intersex and identify with this concept yourself)
 i do know that integender is spelled very similarly to intergender, so maybe an alternate name could be helpful to differentiate them
fluffybugs explained further to me, so graciously:
the colours are based off the two most well known intersex flags  Intersex Emoticon Intersex (Pink-Blue) Emoticon !!

yellow and purple representing those who are not male or female (since those were the colours picked for the circle flag since they dont have a gendered association, and in this context they represent nonbinary integender people - people whose identity as nonbinary is influenced by being intersex!)

the pink and blue are for binary integender people, and the fade between them are for those who identify as somewhere "between" male and female! (i.e. intergender; i made integender as sort of an umbrella term encompassing anyone whose gender is influenced by being intersex, which would include intergender and the like!)

the white stripes and circle represent a sense of wholeness, just as the circle on the yellow/purple intersex flag does, so as to say "i'm intersex and i am complete as who i am" (which is an important concept in the intersex community so things like nonconsensual surgery on babies will come to an end) and i feel like recognizing being intersex as influencing your gender really goes with that wholeness concept

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requested by fluffybugs ~

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