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By the Mania for the Mania by CenrjisRebirth By the Mania for the Mania :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 8 10 mfw nobody puts me in tf oc crossovers lol by CenrjisRebirth mfw nobody puts me in tf oc crossovers lol :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 3 11 Kelshi? by CenrjisRebirth Kelshi? :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 6 6 Free Mizutsune! by CenrjisRebirth Free Mizutsune! :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 0 3 Baby Yveltal by CenrjisRebirth Baby Yveltal :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 13 10 Baby Lugia by CenrjisRebirth Baby Lugia :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 16 10 Quick TFs: Lurantis by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Lurantis :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 15 6 Quick TFs: Shadow Lugia by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Shadow Lugia :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 17 3 Quick TFs: Goodra by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Goodra :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 13 4 Quick TFs: Zygarde by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Zygarde :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 11 2 Quick TFs: Voltorb by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Voltorb :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 8 10 Quick TFs: Trevenant by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Trevenant :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 9 10 Quick TFs: Nargacuga by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Nargacuga :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 17 4 Quick TFs: Driblee by CenrjisRebirth Quick TFs: Driblee :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 21 10 Ultra Prankster (Shiny Naganadel TF) by CenrjisRebirth Ultra Prankster (Shiny Naganadel TF) :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 37 21 Puzzling Dragon Transformation (Syrup TF) by CenrjisRebirth Puzzling Dragon Transformation (Syrup TF) :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 37 12
Mostly TF and/or Pokemon stuff, go figure.

Random Favourites

Nihilego by KumiSasoriza Nihilego :iconkumisasoriza:KumiSasoriza 52 6 26. The Johto Force by Chibi-Pika 26. The Johto Force :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 60 4 Sylveon S note painting by cerberus-monk Sylveon S note painting :iconcerberus-monk:cerberus-monk 59 10 GIF- woooo by ziryuu GIF- woooo :iconziryuu:ziryuu 74 9 Aye Aye! by SourTassieTiger Aye Aye! :iconsourtassietiger:SourTassieTiger 32 12 Kartana dab by zacharybla Kartana dab :iconzacharybla:zacharybla 183 6 Cake? What Cake? by MimeCat Cake? What Cake? :iconmimecat:MimeCat 52 2 You're a Star!! by PixtonPixels You're a Star!! :iconpixtonpixels:PixtonPixels 117 12 Lurantis by nyamnyam2 Lurantis :iconnyamnyam2:nyamnyam2 25 0 Keldeo vs. Kyurem by BrutalityRythm Keldeo vs. Kyurem :iconbrutalityrythm:BrutalityRythm 25 4 Sleepy Piplup by DiAdantist Sleepy Piplup :icondiadantist:DiAdantist 62 3 Ribombee by Minthia Ribombee :iconminthia:Minthia 36 1 Silvally puppy by xNIR0x Silvally puppy :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 847 24 Request - Drake2345 by MrAdamPL Request - Drake2345 :iconmradampl:MrAdamPL 22 10 Request - Drake2345 by MrAdamPL Request - Drake2345 :iconmradampl:MrAdamPL 15 0 Request - Drake2345 by MrAdamPL Request - Drake2345 :iconmradampl:MrAdamPL 12 0
The list just keeps getting bigger almost everyday...
I'm actually a bit jealous that I can't draw like these artists.

About Commissions & Art Trades

Don't take them for free. Purposely took commissions to narrow down the amount of requests.

Rather than using a fixed price for options, you can name your price for your commissions. Regardless of the option, the amount is really more dependant on your support and not on the quality of the commision itself. If you wish me support for whatever I do, I'd suggest asking for one.

If you want to pay with DA Points, use the widget below. Points sent to me from other methods besides from the 'Commissions' Box will be sent back to you.

If you want to pay through PayPal, please note me.

Art Trades:
Please note me, if you are interested. But I only accept trades with artists with a recognizable skill level.


50 Points / $0.50 USD
The cheapest of the 'name your price' options. Ain't much, but I understand you probably don't have much.
100 Points / $1.00 USD
Not much, but better than nothing.
200 Points / $2.00 USD
Fairly cool. I suppose.
250 Points / $2.50 USD
Well, I'd be fine with this, or with any option really.
500 Points / $5.00 USD
A lil' more value.
1000 Points / $10.00 USD
This is definitely nicer.
2000 Points / $20.00 USD
Well, this is getting a little on the generosity side.
4000 Points / $40.00 USD
You are awesome, if you actually pay me this much.
8000 Points / $80.00 USD
...Seriously? I'd have your eternal gratitude.




CenrjisRebirth's Profile Picture
Jasmine (or Cenrji)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I'm just your typical (or perhaps atypical) artist. Usually it's just TF art, but I also do RPs and (very rarely) write stories.

I also use FurAffinity simultaneously.
Discord: Donut#5322

Using the winners of the Starter Pokemon polls, which of these fellars you like the most? 

10 deviants said Snivy
9 deviants said Fennekin
6 deviants said Popplio
5 deviants said Charmander
4 deviants said Treecko
2 deviants said Cyndaquil
1 deviant said Turtwig


Don't mind me. I'm just sperging out shitposts because I'm bored.…
Favpokemonthing by CenrjisRebirth
My favorite Pokemon of each type. You're welcomed.
Nothing is completely definite, but these are solid favorites. Some Pokemon that I like a lot but didn't make it listed: Dewgong, Grumpig, Gorebyss, Azelf, Espeon, Froslass, Magmortar
For anyone wondering why I don't seem to do as many RPs on DA anymore... I'd just say I had moved to doing RPing on Discord now.
Founded it more fun to do and all, ever since I joined this Discord server.
Sigh... You know people, if there's an art thief running amok, there's a button that's called Report. It's located right below the Watch button on deviations.
Anyways, gonna be dumping some quick TFs sometime today.
Kind of interesting to see some people repeat remaking specific TFs to progressively get a better job at it. And there are other people who just want to create as much variety in terms of choices. I'm more of the latter, I think.


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BunBun-The-Bunny Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi... I really like your art... are you open for art trades or point commissions?
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Thanks for the watch and WOW! I must say your work is nice! I remember coming across some of your work that I've downloaded before I began an account! By your own lines you're ALWAYS IMPROVING!!! haha!
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I sent a request. We can talk about it here.
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Noyle Featured By Owner May 27, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the fav!
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