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Your five legged sheep design-wise. I draw comics and illustrations, animate, motion design, webdesign, make booklets and so on. Used to make UI UX design and video game graphism.

Not quite adapted to people but I do my best. Pragmatic. Passionate puzzle and issue solver.

This DeviantART account is my art dump.


Favourite Movies
The Addams Family / Pirates of the Caribean / Mulan / Evil Dead / Moana
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Ascendent / Unusual Cosmic Process / Carbon Based Lifeforms / Alestorm / Turmion Kätilöt / Rammstein / Corvus Corax / NiN / Puscifer / Omnia
Favourite Books
Encyclopedias and fictions in general
Favourite Games
Tetris / Borderlands / Fallout / Portal
Favourite Gaming Platform
Computer : Steam
Other Interests
Ergonomy - UI UX Design / WebDesign / Decorative arts in general / The seashore / Roleplaying / Anything immersive enough to flee this reality

And 2019 passed by...

And 2019 passed by...

I'm aware I have been massively deserting social medias since a while. As a matter of fact, there are way too many : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TumblR, DeviantART... with massive exodus from one media to the other on a regular basis (most Facebookers moved to Instagram, Tumblr people moved to Twitter, etc.. ). I will have to "automate" my posts, at least on most of these medias. DeviantART, Newgrounds and Artstation can't be automated though, so I'll consider keeping mainly DeviantART. Drawing-wise, I haven't stopped drawing, inf act, since December I've sketched a lot, but I have too few finished illustrations. A lot of these sketches are about Maniacity, and I admit I don't see the point of posting things about a story that will (or won't) come out. If anything I'll post these on my other DeviantART and keep illustrations and experimentations here. Finally, I don't talk much about personal life, but it's been draining me. Crap has kept coming and coming, the timings have been

Gallery sorting and mid-year news

Gallery sorting and mid-year news

NEWS Took me about time, but, as promised, some news. About the gallery : that's it, I'm done tidying. I've gathered Les Carnets (old project) and Maniacity in a single "personnal projects" folder since, Les Carnets is a dead project but with interesting visuals, that I should still be able to exploit as ambiances in single illustrations, and Maniacity just isn't ready yet. Which shouldn't prevent me from submitting illustrations and informations on that thing once in a while. I haven't deleted anything, only put as "Featured" what could be used as a Portfolio, and put what's left in general categories: All the Fanarts have been gathered



NEWS So, I've seen this Eclipse advertisement from DeviantART. While I'm liking both the ad itself (okay, they made it with pretty colors and I just love pretty colors. Bear with me guys I'm addict and there's no cure except more colors), and the concept, as it would mean I no longer need to seek to make a dedicated portfolio... well, it also annoys me a bit. I've got pretty much old pieces over here, full of imperfections, that I would not like to see in a portfolio. But I still somehow like them. I was kind of wondering if it would be interesting to make a "draw this again" for the ones of them I like the most? Your point guys? Waste of t

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Sake906Professional Filmographer
So I've been watching Wakfu on Netflix in french (with subs) and you can guess who comes to mind while doing so.
CenomancerProfessional Digital Artist

xD the irony being that despite the fact I admit the high graphic quality of Dofus/Wakfu I just can't stand Ankama anymore since long....

Sake906Professional Filmographer
Guess I'm late then xD

I have never tried the games, just admire the quality of the designs and the animation (or the practical workarounds they deploy when saving some of that work)
CenomancerProfessional Digital Artist

I've gotten away from Ankama products since 2009, you're a decade late =p but IT IS high quality graphic wise. A shame they tend to treat their employees like disposable slaves (big hours and low wages included, with bad ambiance and pressure).

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AltaGrinHobbyist Digital Artist
Thinking of youuuuuuu ;v;
AltaGrinHobbyist Digital Artist
*makes a comfy nest* -v-
AltaGrinHobbyist Digital Artist
*whispers sweet industrial screeching nothings in your ear*