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Celestia and Luna

Experimenting new things
I want to discover more possibilities in my art

I love the serenity of Celestia
as much as Luna's indifferent attitude

This design is on Teepublic
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I have the image of Celestia on a shirt from Teepublic. It is holding up very well and looks just as great in person as it does on the screen.
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Really pretty, love the colours!

What program(s) did you use to make them?
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I used Photoshop back then
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Thanks! It's still a mystery to me how you can create such clean lines and shapes with Photoshop, almost like a vector. My paintings in PS look messy. :D
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Digital Painting: with Photoshop and Ponies by Cenit-v
it is old, but there is a tutorial how I worked on PS
sure you can find many better tutorials or techniques by yourself
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This is so helpful, thank you! <3 Locking transparent pixels was one of the things I really needed.
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Can I put your painting into paper-cut?
Used to decorate the walls.
Please ~
Cenit-v's avatar
yes, there is no problem
would like to see how it looks
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Wow muy good  is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

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i like this style!
well done
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They look freaking beautiful!
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i love this!
so beautiful!!!!
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The bright colors are very pretty
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Very nice work on it! 
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I love your colour composition!
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wow amazing job!
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Epic and amazing!
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Epic job on these two!
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I seriously love the different colors than just blue in Luna's mane; it's just gorgeous, and fills everything with so much depth. Celestia's mane is so vibrant, and the wings on both of them are so unique and gorgeous. Jeez, I'm in love with this piece.
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O¬O beautiful..........
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