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Hey everyone!

So I've been on here for a while, but never really felt inclined before to write a journal entry. Today, I thought I'd give it a shot. :) I might not be the most consistent on updating on here for while, but I'm sure you'll just be reading for fun anyway. ;)

I'm not sure what to initially write in here! Send me questions I guess if you'd like. ;)  

For now I'll just talk about my art experiences considering that pretty much why I'm on here. I mostly use pencils now to draw, but I used to do some painting and chalk work. I'm thinking about getting back into those two once I have more art time. I have a new months of college to get through first though. ;) I've never had an art class so perhaps I'll have to invest in one. I'd REALLY love to improve in my work. :)

My other most major hobby is writing. Mostly on RP sites for now till school ends, but I do love to write poems and stories of my own. Occasionally a song or two will slip in there as well. :) If there is ever a demand I might whip something up to put on here. It's all up to you all though. ;)

That's really all I have for now! So ask me questions if you'd like. I'll answer the ones I can. Until later!