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I'm not joking when I say I'm really in love with Kagepro omfg. Haruka's like, the second best male character okay. Seto's the first (and also my husband). 
But I absolutely adore the fact that Haruka draws and eats a lot (he's basically me in a nutshell)//// 

I'll never get over how adorable Yuukei Yesterday's PV was ahhh such a adorable babbu in that one 

Haruka Kokonose © Kagerou Project
Art © Me
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urmahgurd. sur cute.
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Such a cute little piece of art :love: 

Yuukei Yesterday PV is absolutely lovely <3 (I like both Takane and Haruka, tho Kano is my husbando of the series :> )

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Ahhhh/// thank you ;v;

Yes yes ahhh! It's just so cute and wonderful oh goodness, the PV's fantastic! (I agree, they're both such adorable characters, but they certainly aren't going to beat my husband//)
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Cute as ever!
I'll have to check this out .o.!
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ohh goodness yes please do///
I know an anime of it's coming out soon, so maybe you can wait for that since the series is pretty big in itself .A.'''
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So it's just the manga so far?
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There's the manga, and also a Vocaloid song series about the entire thing! It contains massive spoilers if you intend to wait for the anime though;; 
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