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Maud Pie

A vector from the great smile of Maud at the end of the episode.

SVG-File: [Link]
Tumblr: [Link]

Acknowledgment of the creators and owners:
:iconfyre-flye: Lauren Faust
:iconhasbroplz: Hasbro
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I love Maud's smiles.

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You're right. Her smile is really lovely. ^u^
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I wanna fart on her
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we need to see her smiling more. it's adorable ^^
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Oh yes, it would be great if we could see more of a smiling Maud in the next season.
In general, just more scenes with the "adoracute" Maud. ^u^
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or even better: more episode centering Maud and her relationship with Pinkie
CenCerberon's avatar
Yeah, that would be awesome. I hope that will happen. ^u^
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I love your saddle bag, Maud. "kisses her"
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Could I use the SGV file to make some humanoid artworks based off of it?
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Yes, of course. I have deliberately published the deviant/SVG under the Creative Commons license.
To summarize it: You can use or modify it if you credit me and not sell my work.

Btw if you publish your work I would really like to see it. ^u^
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Thank you very much! ^u^

Well selected! Spocks manner fits well with Maud.
And you have cited Spock, one of my favorite Star Treck characters.
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I like your work very much and used it in a video for a song I wrote for Maud:
If you're not ok with it, please just let me know with a comment to the video!
CenCerberon's avatar
I hope it's ok that I answer in German.

Vielen Dank für das Kompliment. ^u^
Es ist für mich absolut in Ordnung. Du hast alles notwendige getan, was ich in solchen Fällen verlange. (Einen Link als Credit)

Ich mag dein Musikvideo. Mir gefällt die Zusammenstellung der Bilder, der Song und deine Stimme. Es ist wirklich cool! ^w^
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Geez, hold your excitement, Maud! XD
CenCerberon's avatar
But she looks so cute with it! ^u^
TVnGames's avatar
You're right! She's adorable :3
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Maud Pie is smiling... run for your lives! it's the end of the world!
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Yeah, that's a bad omen. Xb
aw Maud Pie is so adorable
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