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Anyone who wishes to use the icons are free to use them. But I have some reservations; I don' t tolerate using any kind of illegal and bad activity. Please dont forget this. Thank you :)
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thanks!!! I got a few of your cars...super nice
Muy bueno, excelente trabajo.. saludos
Muy bueb trabajo.. excelente..¡
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amazing detail - just beautiful!
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this is amazing, thank u alot!
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WOW!! Beautiful work.
I just sent you a private message. My project is none of the above; it is a family game.
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This one was my first car. I love it. Thank you :)
Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing!
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Merhaba , ben bir iphone uygulamamda(ücretli) çok hoşuma gittiği için sizin bu logonuzu kullandım.
Yayınlanınca sizinle de adresi paylaşacağım.
Belirttiğiniz illegal durumlar haricinde kullanabilirsiniz demişsiniz ,uygulamam otomobillerle ilgili bir utility programı ,ama yine de bilgi vermek istedim.
Eğer bir sorun olursa bana ( mail atabilirseniz sevinirim çünkü bu hesap bir arkadaşımın, ben de üye olmak istedim ama sayfa abone olmak istediğimde hata veriyor .
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Great series! Love it!
especialy the Beatlee.. my first Car.. (1302) ;)
great work. I'll send you my work after I finish it in about a month
It's about a fashion catalogue.
thanks again
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Очень здорово сделано!
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I'll use you icon(s) in an application that I build now. I'll post the link when is finished :D
Is it possible to use this icon in my iPhone application (no free)?
VERY VERY Nice Job!!!
Thanks a lot!!!
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Very Nice Work, Thanks
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I fully agree with and support your terms
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Ellerine sağlık, çalışmalar çok güzel.. :aww:
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Thank you Thank you Thank you
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:aww: that's mine!
it's great, the details are wonderful... and i jsut love that car :heart:
and red is a good color ;-)
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great icons! really wow!
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