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The Fortune Teller

© Coral McBride ---Do not alter or use without my permission.

Edit 04 Dec 2010: Almost completely repainted and edited, which took longer than the original as I lost the file with the layers and had to repaint the finished artwork :phew: Full view please, the blood sweat and tears are in the details.

If you had your fortune told by a fortune teller who has a repution for accurate predictions, would it influence your attitude towards life and the way you would live? If you were told that you would have an unhappy marriage, would that stop you from marrying.? If you were told that you would be seriously injured in a car accident, would you still travel by car? If it was predicted that you would have a successful career in business, although you were planning to be a photographer, would you do a business course instead? Just curious :)

Edited face and background and lightened some areas, 31/03/2010.

Thank you to the talented and very generous stock artists listed below:

:iconmagickstock: [link] [link]

Black skirt:
:iconb-squaredstock: [link]

:iconhameed: [link] :iconmoonchilde-stock: [link]

Skull ring:
:iconpunknrollstock: [link]

Tarot cards:
:iconnag-stock: [link]

Photoshop brushes:
:iconcrimsonvermil-stock: [link] :iconjavierzhx: [link] :iconfalln-brushes: [link] [link[ :iconredheadstock: [link] :iconbextcstock: [link]

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wow! very beautiful!
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You're welcome :)
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I really adore the dynamic in your composition, as well as your choice of colors. You really have created an image that is both, classical, since it fullfills everything I might imagine a fortune teller to be, and stylish. With the flowing cards it helds the charme of an oldschool movie poster. Very interesting piece of art, thank you for sharing it.
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Thank you very much once again for your wonderful comment :heart:
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I just came across this piece, and I have to say it is FANTASTIC. The composition is spot on and the melding is seamless. (Please check the note I sent to you asking for permission to reuse this lovely artwork.)
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Thank you :heart::iconeufroses:
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I Really Liked It ^^
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wow amazing work =)
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Thank you, I am very happy you like it :heart:
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you are welcome... =) I'm not into the fortune thingy stuff but i used to do street magic, not professionally, i just learned it to help my pedia patients calm down and do not cry everytime i touch them.. i love the designs of the tarot cards though. never figured where i could get one.. ;)
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I am not into it either although I know people who are, which is why I did the artwork. My grandmother could read the cards and tea leaves and was very accurate...or perhaps she was just perceptive :) It sounds like good psychology for you to learn tarot readings. Anything that makes it easier for the patient and the healer is worth doing.
I would try bookshops in your area or Wiccan supplies.
If you are in Manila [link] has quite a few variets and Universal Waite Tarot deck and book looks good [link]
eBay also would be sure to have them.
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thank you so much for the info ;)
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You're welcome....who knows, you may be able to do a reading for me one day :laughing:
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