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I’m a huge Gundam fan and mechas in general and this is my tribute to the wonderful series and all you Gundam fans out there. 

You can see the video process here:…
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love this so much! would it be possible to get permission to use this on a website i'm building?
Looks very Freedom-ish to me.
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The Gundam chooses the pilot just as much as the pilot chooses the Gundam.
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That's freaking awesome.  I can spot inspiration from Duel, Victory, Zeta, and some other stuff, but a lot of original concepts, especially with the placement of the vulcans.
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great work! good process video too!
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This picture is almost beyond my ability to deliniate and describe its epic scale and styling. It nicely describes the epic scale of the Gundam paniverse, and its heroic yet realistic and serious tone.  
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Ah thanks for the awesome description!!! This would be an awesome ultra wide screen monitor wallpaper also!!! :)
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Very nice concept!
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Which Gundam is it based on?
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None.... I just design it along the way while I was painting it. I did use a variety of references tho.   
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