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** EDIT: September, 2016 -- Commissions are semi-open :)


I am currently accepting commissions. Just drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.

Please take a look at my gallery here at DA so you can see what kind of artworks I paint and what my style is.

E X A M P L E S :

Magic Stars (Gray Wolf Book 1): cover by Celtran Alanna and Misty by Celtran Innkeeper 2: George and Dina by Celtran Paul 2 by Celtran
Innkeeper 2: Dagorkun by Celtran Alanna 2 by Celtran  Innkeeper 2:  Turin Adin by Celtran  Kate Six by Celtran

P R I C E S :

_ Head/shoulders: simple: $45 | detailed: $55
__ Head/bust: simple: $60 | detailed: $70
___ Half-Body: simple: $75 | detailed: $90
____ Full-Body: simple: $100 | detailed: $130

*Note: All prices are for single characters only!
**Note: If you want two characters in the image, send me a note so we can discuss the price.

1. I will accept commissions for DIGITAL art (paintings, collages, covers, etc.);
2. I will NOT consider requests that are offensive (you can figure that one out);
3. The PRICE will depend entirely on how simple/complicated the painting is going to be;
4. I will only accept payments via PayPal

G U I D E L I N E S :

* Leave a comment here or send me a note if you're interested;

* Once we've established a way to communicate via E-Mail, let's make this process as painless as possible - please be clear of what it is you want.

* Link me to as many references as you want since I want to do the best job that I can and you'll save yourself the disappointment afterwards :)

P O L I C Y :

1. Notify me if the commission is for NON-COMMERCIAL/PERSONAL USE;
2. For COMMERCIAL USE you must obtain the copyright (this will change the price!);
3. You will receive a high-quality digital file;
4. I will reserve the right to display the commissioned art in (various) personal galleries;

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment

Thank you!
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lover-of-nightHobbyist Photographer
Hi, I sadly can't afford a commision :( But, I would like to know if I maybe can use one of your images for a character on this site?
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Celtran Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply! My answer is that I have never allowed any of my works to be used for those purposes. So, no, I won't give permission for that. But good luck with your gaming site :)
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Otulissa3 Writer
How much does the price change for copyright? Let's say for a head and shoulder detailed?
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Celtran Digital Artist
Sent you a note :)
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I am looking for people to do commissions, you can check out the description here: [link]
If that is something you could imagine, maybe send me a note.

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Celtran Digital Artist
Sent you a note :)
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ElindielForestStarHobbyist Photographer
So how much would something like this be? [link]
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Celtran Digital Artist
I sent you a note :)
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