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Kate Six

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- Character: Kate Daniels
- Book: 'Magic' series
- Author: Ilona Andrews
**u p d a t e**

WALLPAPER available here: [link]

BLOG POST about the painting process here: [link]

So this is probably one of my favourite characters of a book series ... ever. Since the sixth book will be coming out soon, I wanted to paint her and actually post it. I have painted her before (pre-external hd crash) and it took me this long to start another painting of Kate. Mostly because I was a little lost for a while after I lost a lot of my paintings in the crash. Another thing was that I knew it was impossible to recapture the same feel of the first, original painting.

What I especially love about Kate the character is that she has a sense of humour, totally kicks ass but isn't so overpowered that she becomes invincible. She's incredibly well-written and that's just so hard to find. It's Urban Fantasy, so it's probably not for everyone, but give it a try if you're curious.

Comments and Favourites are appreciated :D

Blog: [link]
Twitter: [link]
Site: [link]

Kate Daniels & All related Characters (C) Ilona Andrews, Inc
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This is perfect.  Simple perfection.
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You've gone and done something I always dreamed of being capable of doing: drawing my fave characters! And you do it so well too!
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ShayhaHobbyist General Artist
i think the skin is too bright but... awesome art :D
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Adinad4Professional General Artist
I must say, it is like you plucked her out of head!
Kinda reminds me of a more streamlined Lena Headey ^_^
Any other Kate Daniels Character? Curran or Jim?
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Looks more like my "mental" Kate than what's on the US covers!
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Celtran Digital Artist
Thank you! That's so kind of you Huggle! 
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Usa-Chan-WorldHobbyist Filmographer
i love Kate daniels Book and this art is just AWESOME please more fanart of her like thisss La la la la 
Celtran's avatar
Celtran Digital Artist
Thank you for your comment! I will try and do more once I have the time Hug 
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Lyra1991 Writer
Me encanta!!! Es justo como me imaginaba a Kate :D
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If I had the confidence for cosplay, this is how I'd dress.  Almost makes me want to grow my hair out again, heavy-hair migraines be darned.
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RavenAnabellHobbyist General Artist
Hey! This is truly amazing! I'm writing book reviews and currently I'm really into the Kate Daniels universe. May I use this picture in my post? Of course, I'd link it back to you and everything.
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Celtran Digital Artist
I'm so late with this reply, my apologies. But if you still want to use it in your post/review, you can :) (Smile) 
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RavenAnabellHobbyist General Artist
That's okay :) I'm gonna use it when I review the next book in the series. Thank you!
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Celtran Digital Artist
No problem :)
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natsumi456Student Writer
I love the Kate Daniel's series! Any book written by Ilona Andrews I own! This is exactly how I've always pictured Kate, you did a fantastic job! She definitely is my favorite book characters of all time too, along with Curran, Andrea and Raphael (ok and Jim). Again, love this :) Glad to see some artwork from this series.
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Celtran Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your kind words :D :heart:
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This is beautiful. So well executed. Subtle contrapposto - not excessively sexualized, but still visually appealing.  I read in some of the comments that this piece was featured on Ilona Andrews' website/blog.  Most book covers suck so much nowadays. They're all generic hodge podge photoshop stock image cut and paste jobs- especially within the context of the Urban Fantasy genre. A cover more like this would definitely up their readership. I know that I picked Patricia Brigg's "Moon Called" off the shelf in Barnes and Noble because the cover caught my eye. It wasn't terribly unique as covers go - the heroine is slapped on there dead center without much else to draw the eye, but it stood out to me because they bothered to make a digital illustration of it. I love this series. I burned through all the books in like three days - but the covers are awful. They're all the same - every single one is a variation of a woman with a sword and a semi-transparent image of a damn lion head. It's not even the same woman for all the covers (not to mention that Curran doesn't look like a conventional lion anyway). They're totally phoning it in with these. It's a damn shame. A great work of literary art should be represented by an equally great work of visual art. I just stumbled upon this so I have no idea what you do for a living or if you would even benefit from something like this, but I sure wish they would commission you or someone like you to design the next cover for them.
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nanyinHobbyist Digital Artist
Moon called's cover is an oil painting btw (can you believe it)
The artist even has a making of pdf on his site - www.dandossantos.com/extras/da…
Consari's avatar
That is AWESOME. So much the better! Thanks for sharing.
Celtran's avatar
Celtran Digital Artist
Wow. Thank you! When it comes to UF covers, they're a bit of a hit-and-miss for me too. I've learned to not judge a book by its cover, particularly in the UF genre. I think most authors who have contracts with a big publishing house don't have much say in the covers. Even the Dresden Files, which I think is one of the biggest sellers in that genre, always has a dude with a hat on the cover. This totally makes sense because Harry Dresden NEVER wears a hat :o With the Mercy Thompson series, my biggest gripe is that the covers have Mercy wearing tops with half her tits falling out. Is that really necessary? Especially considering the fact that she's never described as someone who dresses overtly sexual, or that she's even covered in tattoo's (she only has one). It's totally misleading. Love the books, and the Mercy covers are beautifully done. But it's not Mercy. 

As for Ilona Andrews, they did actually commission me for the first Innkeeper book, but that was self-published :)

Anyway, this is possibly the longest comment I've ever received on any of my works. Thank you for taking the time to do so :heart:
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You are most welcome. It is well deserved. Thank you for taking the time to reply. :)
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Loooove it. <3 I'm rereading the series. Again.
Celtran's avatar
Celtran Digital Artist
Oh, I know what you mean by re-reading the Kate Daniels series! They're so well written, one of the few series I can go back to time and again and it never gets boring. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :huggle:
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I love Kate!! And now she has a real face. I never really liked the one on the book covers.
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