The Whisper of Touch

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It is difficult some nights to get to sleep. When I do, it feels like only minutes have passed before the alarm sets off with its chirping morning birds, letting me know it is time to get up and get the day started. Sighing, I close my eyes and breathe in and out slowly, making my body release the day’s tensions to float away into the moonlit night. Slowly, I feel myself get heavier, the world tuning out and my mind quiet from all the little random thoughts that pop in and out like an errant child. As I feel myself sink further into the oblivion of sleep, what was once darkness starts to form into shapes, sounds, even taste and touch. My subconscious takes precedence as my body slumbers, allowing the time of rest to restore both body and mind.

Yet, the world of dreams can be a wonderful or frightening thing. Or even a heartbreaking time if under emotional turmoil. Dreams allow us to work out our desires, our longing, the hurts done to oneself, giving time for the self to heal. Still, there are times when I wished I didn’t have certain dreams or that that they were not so vivid, or so heartbreaking. For either you want to relive certain dreams, or you want them to end. I have the dreams where I wish both to continue or simply disappear.


My eyes open and smile as see the man walking toward me with a brilliant smile in return. There is a lightness and joy in his step as he comes up to me, wrapping his arms around my ribs, squeezes and then picks me off my feet. As I am set back down, he doesn’t release me but looks me straight in the eyes, happy, open, and full of love.

“Miss me?”

“You can’t know how much.” I reply.

“I bet I can because I have missed you so much.” He leans in to kiss me, tentative at first and then growing heated. Whenever we kissed, it always was like a building fire, one that heated the skin and left us breathless. I never wanted to lose touch of his skin, my fingers running along his jaw and then through his hair, holding him as he held me, with an undeniable passion and deep connection.

“Keep this up and we will be cited for inappropriate conduct on the street.” I giggled but gave him a kiss as I rest my forehead on his.

“Let them be shocked or grin to see two people in love.” He rumbled and slid his arm around my waist, turning me to head away from our meeting point and toward our destination.


“You are crazy for making the trip just for a few hours.” I said.

“Admit it, you wanted me here.” He grinned boyishly.

“I did but still this wasn’t sensible.”

“What else did I have to do for the day? I’m not working until things are back in session. ‘Sides, I really wanted to see you.” He took my hand and kissed the fingers like a gentleman would, then turned my palm over to lay a kiss in the center. I wrapped my fingers along his jaw, smiling softly as my heart thudded in my chest.

“You know I enjoy any time I have with you.” I said, smiling softly, not wanting to ever lose touch with his person for one moment. When I was with him, sensibility flew out the window. I was free to show the world that I was a woman in love and I had found my other half. Despite all the difficult times, the past miseries, it all slipped away when we touched, even just the briefest of brushes with our fingers.


Our hands clasped tightly together as our bodies joined together, shaking with the want and need to be in each other’s skin. His touch was electric, teasing, so full of promise and love, that I shivered just at the mere breath teasing over my skin. Even when our bodies could not keep up the tension anymore and we shuddered together, we never lost contact. One, two, three more pushes, made me moan more and even shiver as my over-sensitive body rasped along his.

The weight of him was comforting, being engulfed by arms and legs, pulled as closely as can be possible. Even if this time it was a few hours, it was worth the time. For now, time froze and nothing mattered but us, as our breathing settled to an even and slow tempo, syncing together as we dozed with the aftereffect of lovemaking.

While lying there dozing in blissful contentment and warmth, I felt the lightest touch of lips on my shoulder, the light caress of fingers as they ran down my side to my hip. I could feel his breath, hot and teasing, yet the lip was ever tender and loving, showing affection and care to loving every inch of me. There was no urgency, just a need to feel, to touch, to know he was there and wasn’t going anywhere. I give a soft little moan of pleasure and settled back into his body. I felt him twitch in response and give a replying grunt of pleasure.

His lips continued to kiss my skin as his fingers continued their delicate exploration of my curves. I shuddered gently at the effect it was having but was in no rush to have this rushed. His hand came up to my chin and turned my head to meet his mouth. So much was said in that kiss, a lot of things that couldn’t be said in words passed, that it made my heart ache.

As our lips parted, he looked at me with that smile that melted me to the core. “I will always love you.”


My eyes flew open, chest wrenching and a cry issuing from my lips. It took a few moments to clear my head from the too real dream. I moaned with longing as I could still feel his touch, his kisses all over me, even after so long. I saw into bliss and contentment for such a short time, known a deep love, even to have given all I had to someone without regrets, without demands, just knowing at the time that he was mine and I was his.

However, nothing last forever even when a man says he will always love you. For while you see into the deep heart of him that he rarely let it show, fear inevitably shuts it away and they toss away their dream. I fought to hold on, knowing I wanted with all my being more of those short moments of time. Only thing is, we lie to ourselves quite often and when faced with a pure truth, do not want to face it.

The vestiges of the dream held on, making silent tears roll down my face in the darkness. Despite all that happened, I still loved him. I couldn’t trust him not lie to me again but I still loved him.

Something that had been rolling in my head for a bit. Not a big writing piece but this one that touches really close to my heart. When it comes to a point that you have healed enough, you can start release the emotions without bitterness or anger. For me, this is the case but it is filled with longing and regret also.
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Very visual, lovely.
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Beautiful and sad