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Finally got around to finishing this chapter. It is a bit of an introspective piece but...what can I say, the two stubborn Spectres are finally back together, each grown up and healing.

All the Things That I've Done Gallery [link]
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Spaceconveyor's avatar
Amazing job. This is one of, if the THE best Shenko stories I've read. I am excited for more!
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Thank you so much for the compliment! It's been two years in the making and it is winding toward the finish line. It is good to see comments regarding the story. :D
Mirakai-Green's avatar
I've spent the past two days reading this from the very beginning and it is amazing. You gave them a beginning, and filled in the blurry lines between the 3 stories. You even managed to lessen the pain from the Horizon chapter compared to the game. Much much love for that. <3 It nearly broke my heart when the Horizon part happened in game. Almost made me want to stop playing ME series.
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
I wouldn't say it broke mine but it had me go "WTH?" But when you think about it, 2 yrs is a long time to mourn and seeing a ghost that is alive? Yeah, it would be opening an old wound again. :D But needless to say, this story has plenty of heart wrenching moments in it.
Dinky-Mew's avatar
Ooooo... a very illusive ending indeed to that chapter. Yummy. I do love the Shenko romance - and this is written so well. I just wondered as this is the first chapter I have really had the time to read properly, does Kaidan have a step-mother in this fiction? Look forward to going back and picking out the rest of the chapters to read :D

CelticWolfwalker's avatar
He does have a step-mother, a fairly new one. :D
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