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Little Bear and Silver Wolf

After long last this is done and though i still think it isn't done yet. *shrug* The most challenging part was doing Ulfric's beard tbh. Instead of long strokes, it is short, quick strokes. And the thing with fair haired people is getting that depth to the hair.

So, Ulfric Stormcloak aka Little Bear as Mira calls him, and Mira Dragon-Bane aka Silver Wolf, as called by Ric. From my fic The Dragon's Bane. You can catch up with the story if you haven't here:…

I am making this available as a print.
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Beautiful work! The detail on their faces and armor is just amazing. Just curious--what application did you create this in?
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For the 3d portion of the render, I use Poser Pro 2014. Then PS for the rest of the work. :D
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Eeeeeeh!  Love it! Ulfric was my first 'paired with my Dragonborn' crush in Skyrim. *happy sigh* I still don't think there's nearly enough of that pairing out there.
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There isn't and there isn't enough out there of our king! :D Too many haters out there that see the surface and don't look deeply at the character itself and realize that the man he is was forged by his past experiences of torture and betrayal. But then, I always do go for the underdogs.
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Not to mention, Gods only know what sorts of 'non-traditional' torture and torment Elenwen put him through (mind-games, psychological manipulation, etc).

It's a pity the Dragonborn muse of mine I'm currently writing in the 'universe' of is, as far as eventual romance goes, leaning towards a different blonde Jarl of a certain age, but she and Ulfric are going to have a rather interesting, and often contentious relationship.
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