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I sit here writing to you though I know these letters may never be seen by you. Still, I have some hope that maybe if by writing out my feelings and all the things I have wanted to tell you might prepare me for the day I can say these to you in person. Father might say I was foolish to go chasing after you and then joining the Legion but when the Great War started, how could I stand by and see the Empire struggle? Were they not our protectors of our home? Did they not rely on us to come to their aid should the need arise? We are Nords, we are the ones who answer the call to war from our allies. I don't pretend to understand the complexities of politics or the Emperor's mind but the people of Cyrodiil are our distant kinsmen. 

Despite joining the Legion, I still held out hope to find you. I know that you were a part of the Legion, also. How could you not be, being the daughter of a general? You were never one to sit on the sidelines and pretend at the gentler arts of a lady, though your mother tried vainly to mold you into that role. Though, I have to admit to some admiration for when you would wear a fine dress and have your hair plaited down your back. I love your warrior spirit, Mir, but I love the woman you have become. I may not have appreciated you enough or taken our close companionship for granted for so long but I am not going to continue fooling myself that I am nothing but a man in love and doesn't want to lose the one most important thing in his life. 

My legion prepares for battle tomorrow against the Dominion. These elves are fierce fighters and the general knows that there will be a high number of losses. So, the night before this important battle, when I must rest, I am restless and thinking of you. I remember those days when I was away from the Grey Beards for the warmer months and spend them back home. How we would disappear for days as we roamed the hills all the way down to the Reach. I especially think fondly of the time at the hot springs. We got so sick on mudcrab those days but I wouldn't trade those days for any bribe a daedra would offer. It was a much simpler time but a time where I took more notice of the woman you became. Oh, my feelings have been slowly changing over the years, so don't be surprised. 

I was jealous when those other boys would vie for your attention. That is why I was always shadowing you, being close by to see who would dare lay a kiss on you.  I know it didn't stop me from my dalliances but truth be told, I always pictured you in my arms. Then I did have you briefly in my arms when we camped by those hot springs, where we shared a brief kiss. 

It wasn't what I had wanted it to be, where I wanted to tell you then that I would forgo any other woman if you would have me. I begged father to keep you at Windhelm, forbid you from leaving but he was wiser than I and understood the vengeance and anger in your heart better than I did. My love at the time wasn't enough to take away your pain. I admit, I was selfish. I wanted to always have you close by, know you were there should I need a confidant or simple companionship. I also wanted more from you and you weren't ready.

Still, I will not give up on you, Mir. I will not give up on finding you, being with you. Wars may stand between us right now but know this, I will find you. 

Yours forever,
Turdas, Second Seed

A prologue to Ulfric's story of him and Mira's youth.
© 2013 - 2021 CelticWolfwalker
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Awesome writing and wonderful presentation. It's perfect! Clap
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Beautiful! But Ulfric needs to realize that Mira cares about everyone, not just nords and their religion. I can understand Ulfric's pain and wanting to free his home land, but even in soverguard *spoiler alert* if you completed the civil war quest on the imperials side, Ulfric admits that he made a mistake in his arrogance and only weakened Skyrim to the point of being doomed.

Ulfric needs to realize that Skyrim isn't just for Nords anymore. Other races call it home and love it as much as he does. His civil war is making the sons and daughters of skyrim forget that skyrim is home to more than nords and has been for centuries.

CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Ah yes, he does have his pain and arrogance, but there are moments of self doubt, as he voiced when speaking with Galmar in the palace. The little books and scrolls from Elenwin regarding our dear jarl are interesting to see what the Thalmor have their fingers into. I think they are doing quite a bit to destabilize the Empire, and part of it is Ulfric's little rebellion. Remember, Ulfric did once believe in the Empire, have fought for the Empire in the Great War with Rikke and Galmar at his side. But something happened when he was tortured in the Thalmor's hands.

LOL So, yeah, he's a bit of a complicated man to wend through. Oh there will be a clash of wills and ideals between him and Mira coming in the future. 
dragonhatchling's avatar

Oh boy... I wonder if it will be a Thu'um clash!! Dude I bet Mira's thu'um would shatter Ulfric's like lightning splitting a tree in two! With Ulfric being the tree!

Yeah I imagine tortured captivity by power hunger altmer can shake your world pretty good to where you loose "some" sense. Can't wait for more! Now that you mention it, I do remember that Ulfric once served the Empire. I just never gave it much thought, the stormcload soldiers seem like the kind of dudes that fight for the love of fighting elves and anyone who isn't a nord. Ulfric might mean well, but he will have a lot to answer for in the end. Both sides are fighting for what they believe but there's corruption and crazy on both sides

CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Most definitely, but any war is like that, with one side or the other believing their cause is just. Gotta love the politics of it. lol
dragonhatchling's avatar

Amen to that.



KaiaUchiha1's avatar
That was just beautiful, I love this story, and look forward to Ulfric's story.
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Thank you and yes, the story will surprise hopefully. 
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:heart: I love these two, and cannot wait to read more about their past together~
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
:D I'm glad you like them!
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