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Smut alert! Do not read with kids around or at work. Also, some language in there...and by the dear knight-captain!



When fate throws two disparate people together through a freak storm, some things will be discovered as they struggle to make it back home.

Chapter 1 [link]
Chapter 2 [link]
Chapter 3 [link]
Chapter 4 [link]
Chapter 5
© 2011 - 2022 CelticWolfwalker
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Ambientsucks's avatar
I need a cold shower. I loooooooooove your work! The passion since was so beautifully put without being at ALL raunchy. Good show, mate!
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I do not go for raunch when sex can be lovely, if done right.
Defira1985's avatar
:iconlawooplz: YAAAAAAY!!!

Marian and Cullen smut. THE BEST KIND OF SMUT. Mmmm, fraternizing never looked so good...
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
And this is what a cold-laden head comes up with when the author needed to be working on homework or in bed! :D
Defira1985's avatar
I approve wholeheartedly! Homework, pfft, who needs that! But the cold, awwww :hug:
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
illusionaryennui's avatar
*blinks* I'm sure I was blind to have missed this beautiful, amazing bit of art for so long...

Well done. :glomp:

I'm particularly fond of the "narcotic additive" angle, by the way.
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
:D Thank you! Glad you liked the additive part because I was unsure about it. Then I got to thinking that Samson acted like an addict, waiting for his next hit. Then why are templars hooked on lyrium and mages aren't?
illusionaryennui's avatar

With regards to lyrium and mages, I use the assumption that their magic mitigates the majority of side-effects and a mage merely uses the energy to revitalize mana.

*shrugs* I try, but I'm not expert - I have enough trouble with dealing with the addiction in More Than Addiction... I wish I had thought of this - it's excellent, my dear.
Philliwolf5's avatar
You are very welcome! I think there's quite a shortage of smutty and romantic (but mostly smutty) stories about my favorite Templar!
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
I suggest a cold shower and some chocolate! :D
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