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Taking some liberties here with some things, like Cullen's background and the lyrium issue. It will tie in neatly to the next chapter after this where you will a .....


When fate throws two disparate people together through a freak storm, some things will be

discovered as they struggle to make it back home.

Chapter 1 [link]
Chapter 2 [link]
Chapter 3 [link]
Chapter 4 [link]
Chapter 5 [link]
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B-but Anders is so sweet, and he likes her....Argh! come right over here, Anders, and leave Marian to Cullen.
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
And if you go play Awakenings, then you can get both Cullen/Anders! LOL really, the same voice actor for both there.
Defira1985's avatar
Ack, they were so CLOSE! Marian, just listen when the nice Templar Captain tells you to shut up and keep kissing him!! SERIOUSLY!
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Yes, she is a stubborn wench and doesn't like being told what to do. heehee