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DA2-Abandon Ch.1

A story that got into my head and spent a few days editing and refining it. This is not going to be a long series here, so don't fret that it will grow into the proportions of Bonny Prince.

Of course, Defira1985 gives me wonderful little inspiration bunnies to take off from. I don't think this Cullen is going to be quite so quiet though, as Hawke drive him absolutely crazy to where he loses all semblance of control. Yeah, two strong willed people here that butt heads in a serious fashion.


When fate throws two disparate people together through a freak storm, some things will be discovered as they struggle to make it back home.

Chapter 1 [link]
Chapter 2 [link]
Chapter 3 [link]
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I approve wholeheartedly of ANYTHING with more Marian and Cullen! :heart: :heart:
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Thank you! Yes, these two are great, and especially since she is a wisecracking, sarcastic mage to boot here.
Defira1985's avatar
Oooooh, I'm anticipating fun already!
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Heehee, indeed! Cullen will have his hands full but I think he can handle Marian.
Teru-is-True's avatar
Teeheehee. I like this. A lot. 8D

Cullen/Hawke is always fun. <3
Teru-is-True's avatar
kitiaramajere's avatar
Like it! Heh, why am I not surprised at the plot bunnies source...
CelticWolfwalker's avatar
Heehee yes, she does inspire a lot!
FoxFaceGaming's avatar
I like it already. ^.^
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