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Sold my soul, They sent it back
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King Narro the Second (Father of Haben and Narro)


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Sorta SSB4 Cloud

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A Hero Saved! Ch 22-24 [ XV2 + Ranma Story ]

Quick Recap: As the tournament continued to progress, Ryoga had once again found himself beyond lost. Only making it to his match with Narro literally dragging him to the arena. Even then, his bad luck would continue & he would lose the fight against Lucy & her Mentor Turles. Narro fought & won against Oranda despite being exhausted & now it’s Ranma's chance to fight the brutal Lucy. Chapter 22: Ranma Vs Lucy! Anything Goes Martial Arts At Its Best! The fight between Narro and Oranda had just finished and the Supreme Kai of Time was about to reach for her microphone. However, she stopped as she felt a sudden & powe

A Hero Saved: XV2-Ranma Fanfic

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King Narro the Second (Father of Haben and Narro)

A Hero Saved: Bonus Fanfic Pics

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Broly Meme

Totally Random

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Super Saiyan Rose GT Adult Goku

Smash Mod Materials

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SSB4 Green AC Cloud [Full]

Pixel Art

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Cloud Chillin'

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Akira Mudou

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