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Darkness Beyond the Door


This was created as an entry into the "Mama Scared Stiff" contest. It may not be downloaded, sold, altered, redistributed in any way without my express written consent. Only the creators and sponsors of the contest have free reign with this image. This includes "sharing" on websites such as pinterest, flickr, tumblr, photobucket, facebook, wallpaper sharing sites, personal blogs, or any other website.

(Seriously, this means you, pinterest people and Russian Blogger. I know about you. Seriously, language barriers are not an excuse. Google Translate works perfectly well, and often translates an entire site for you automatically on Chrome.)

Yes, I know the dA watermark affects the quality of the picture, but I am sick and tired of people taking my art and doing whatever they want with it, copyright be damned.

My greatest fear as a child was the unknown within the darkness of my closet. I had a fairly vivid imagination, and was absolutely convinced there were things in it after the light went off. I knew for certain that there were ghosts and monsters in that closet that were just waiting to get me. Even though I am well past that age, as an adult, I still keep my closet door closed.

Stock Credits

:bulletblack: Female Model #1: ~Blackthorness [link]

:bulletblack: Female Model #2: =charligal-stock [link]

:bulletblack: Male Model: *DaeStock [link]

:bulletblack: Tentacles: =zememz [link]

:bulletblack: Chair: *TwilitesMuse [link]

:bulletblack: Dead Rose: =CelticStrm-Stock [link]

:bulletblack: Texture #1: *SolStock [link]

:bulletblack: Texture #2: `FantasyStock [link]

:bulletblack: Doorway: =Falln-Stock [link]

:bulletblack: Floor: ~JackyStock [link]

Don't know how to credit your stock providers? Want to learn how? Check out my tutorial here: [link]
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A cat loving curry, that is weird! I really like the work above. Scary, damn scary!
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I have a real-life monster living in my wardrobe - I know because I have to visit it and feed it every time my 3 year old grandaughter comes here :-) (and yes I am very tired of surreptiously eating apples and raw carrots :-)
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Hehe awwww! I can't eat an apple without a cat staring at me. He loves apples, which is weird for cats. lol
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That is seriously weird :-) I once had a cat that loved curry :-)
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