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<da:thumb id="426028213"/>    St. Valentine's CSS Challenge:iconJournalCSs:
are  teaming  up  for  a Valentine  CSS  Challenge,  the  first  of  many  challenges to  come  in  the  future....
What prompted this challenge? The lack of activity in both groups and the skinning community in general. We want both groups to be  more active, to gain more publicity, to show we're still alive and not dead as others lately. We plan to do monthly challenges based on specific themes.
It's  time  to  get  out  the  glitter  &  glue,   the  Chocolate   &  Candy  Hearts  and  flowers,  because    "St. Valentine's Day"    is  the  theme!
Your task is to incorporate  the theme "Valentine's Day" in a beautiful, free, user-friendly new Journal skin or an equal
    Challenge : Emily from Corpse Bride (results) It's time for the results !  
Some people didn't vote (but read the note) so I replace them by another vote for each of them (logical, since the participants can't vote for themselves, it's not fair if some people didn't vote ha ha). It's for that that it took some time ^^
In any case, thank you to all of you for your participation ! It was fun to see how you can manage such a theme and the difficulties in this challenge ! 
And don't forget my new contest ! :
So here are the result of this funny contest :iconclownplz: 
First place, chosen by me but was the same choice as the vote (chosen by 8 people) :
 by L
  <da:thumb id="422910763"/>

Valentine's Day Contest! + Kiriban:house: my little life

KETO! I've recently made a lifestyle change. I'm one of those people who reddit too frequently. I stumbled upon /r/keto one day and I've been hooked since. I'm eleven days in and eight pounds lost so far. I'm hoping to lose a total of 30 pounds so I can fit into my old clothes! (yay). Unfortunately the last year has been a bit of a roller-coaster and I've gained a lot of weight :( But as I said, this is a lifestyle change for me, not a simple diet or fad that will fade. Something to help me stay healthy and give me more energy! Have any of you made any lifestyle changes recently? I'd love to hear about them!

:star: kiriban 560,000
The first person who can catch my 560,000th page view will receive a 3 month premium subscription and their choice of any two HQ textures or HQ packages! You must take a screen cap of the page view and send it to me via note (no cropping pleas
   Congratulations Book cover challenge-Warrior/ThiefCongratulations to the following artists for winning the polls. You will have you artwork made ready to sell as book covers and will be displayed on my page here
Poll 1
Winner    Already a collaborator and up as a book cover here
Poll 2
Poll 3
Poll 4
Winner   Already a collaborator and up as a book cover here
Poll 5 http://cathl
   Stock Photo Character Contest - All The Entries!These are the entries for our Green Cat Cabaret Stock Photo Character Contest! 
Visit this Journal entry for complete contest details. And be sure to check out the description text for all the entries below to learn about each character's role at The Green Cat Cabaret.

Katt Nipperson
Regular Patron - Confidence Cat and Illicit 'Nip Dealer
by ARCrebs

  ~    ~ 
Nori Theron
Regular Patron - Bounty Hunter
by ARCrebs

  ~    ~
   120 Seconds Contest - CLOSEDCompetition Status
Competition is currently CLOSED and judging is in process. Currently has 30 entries. Current prize fun is estimated to be worth around $150 US.
For BurdenedHearts' first competition we wanted to do something really special and unique.
So what do you have to do?
Produce a speech on either a global issue or a personal issue no longer than 2 minutes (120 seconds).
Recently we asked you what you would talk about if you could make a 30 second speech to the whole world - and one of our incredible team members (MotleyDreams) suggested we challenge people to actually produce those speeches, but we gave you a little more time ;]
So, you have 120 seconds to speak to the whole world. What issue would you address? What is important to you? Consider use of technical devices to make your message clear and persuasive. Think about a global audience and how relevant your message would be internationally.

Do you have a stock or photomanip contest going on? Let me know and I'll add it to the list! :heart:

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Thank you so much for featuring journalcss' Valentine contest! :hug: