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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe time! Here is the 4th quarter feature of some beautiful art and premade backgrounds that has been created using my stock. :heart: You make it worth being a stock provider!

4th Quarter Feature of Art from My Stock:

Come Back by FictionChick Night Wind cover by GothamGuardian GOLDFISH IV by MirellaSantana:thumb329748081: I regret Roses by DeniseWorisch Tsathoggua by Atu-XIII:thumb333072618: In the middle of the night by msriotte Last letter by Forjani Echoes of Despair by octobre-rouge Stolen Moments by DesignbyKatt Avalon by AlexandraVBach:thumb345077110: Clock Tower by Rafaelll90 Quackattack by Caine-Design Abandon by digitalessandra Yesterday When I Was Young by vm0572 Dancing To The Tune Of Waves by maiarcita:thumb345783097: Aphotica's Rehoming Center Layout by aphotica10109 Alone In Death by AshlieNelson:thumb345110307: Cora's Wedding Ring by SlayerXiena Fin du monde 2012 by CaroleBaillyMaitre The Dream by starrprice:thumb343940611: Good Ol' Memories by MaidenStar Alter Ego(s) Cover by Kurureenu:thumb338175380: Red Rendezvous by abloominmay Inspection by Rising-High-Ranch True loneliness by rachysibz:thumb340987729: Never Give Up On Christmas Spirit (HL layout) by Pudda09 mitsubishi l200 by kokosfer Going Downhill Fast by VampireKitti:thumb342449514::thumb342148848: Andrews Angles  Fake B movie Poster by peterp205 Winter by Selunia No! Don't eat the Santa Claus! by Seiden-Kaczka:thumb338108534: valentia commision part 2 by StarlitStables:thumb342300420::thumb342318616::thumb343224096::thumb343598102: Be Joyful Not Sad (HL Contest) by Pudda09 Guiding Light of the Forest by KYghost my holidays by saza11

Mature Content

Mystery 5 by NikNikonov
Yellow Brick Road by chevronguy:thumb337764644: At least you are mine by sternenfee59:thumb334796736::thumb335354120: Sunset Fae by Slug22 Nightmare by Ikiuni earths victory by glitchHP:thumb333586072: Steam Powered Giraffe by gating:thumb332709320: Deck of Hearts - Awareness for Spirit Day 2012 by wdnest That time of the year by ditney Beauty and the Beast by 3punkins

Mature Content

Anita Shotgun by theoneandonly06
Last Hope by CyberAsero:thumb331347668::thumb331510306::thumb331807629: Inception by SilEnigmaArts:thumb331856871: Goodbye Sweet Innocence by MoodyBlue:thumb329986561: Night Rose by DesignbyKatt:thumb328998952: Halloween Bash Banner! by reapper411 Hoedown Halloween by NightWhisper67 ERATO WHISPERS by Maneku IN ARMOUR OF GLITTERING GOLD by babsartcreations The Birds, the Bees, the Fruit and the Flower by thatgirlanalise Ships of the Desert by Slug22 Heavenly Paws Kennel by BerlinlavsMarie Spellcasting by CoverMeDesigns The Possession by xXVenomazoidXx Time passes us by by ZombieOverlord

4th Quarter Feature of Premade Backgrounds Using My Stock:

Winter Premade Background by Selunia Stock Bg Yy by Moonglowlilly Place to catch your breath by Wimmeke63 Free Sin City Scenario - PSD by EatenRibs Autumn premade background by metalromantica Last Ray of Light Before the Storm by WDWParksGal-Stock Come on Home - Autumn Background Premade Stock by Arkose Autumn Magic by Zankruti-Murray Holiday Retreat by stebev Weekend retreat by stebev Candy Winter Stock Background by RebeccaLongArt The magical tree by KarinClaessonArt Premade Train Station by EKeziahP Premade Background 59 by sternenfee59 Premade Background 42 by sternenfee59 Stairway to Olympia - Stock by Thy-Darkest-Hour Stairway to Titania - Stock by Thy-Darkest-Hour

© 2013 - 2020 CelticStrm-Stock
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amazing collection
CelticStrm-Stock's avatar
Thanks! :D It's the entire reason why I provide stock. I love seeing what people do with it. :D
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Awesome! Thank you so much! :D :heart:
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:heart: Thank you very much - sorry for my late reply I was´nt here for a while :heart:
CelticStrm-Stock's avatar
Its ok :) and you're welcome!
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Wow, this is a first... Thanks! ^__^
CelticStrm-Stock's avatar
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thank you for the feauture!
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Thanks for the feature - have a great 2013 !! :iconhappynewyear2plz:
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thank you so much !:)
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Thanks for the feature and for your stock!
Happy new year!
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Thank you so much for the feature! I really appreciate it! :heart:
Oh, and Happy New Year!
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:wow: Thx for the FEATURE lovely Cheryl! :hug: Ha ve a Happy 2013! :) :rose:
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Thank you for the feature ^-^
Happy New Year!
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Wonderful features.
Thanks for including one of mine amongst them :)
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thanks so much!!! :heart:
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Thank you so much for the features!:love: A wonderful collection of great art! Happy New Year everyone!:heart:
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great collection amazing to see how the cabin i used was used in other

thanks again :D

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Awesome Collection Thank you for including my manipulation in this collection :) Your stock is amazing. Without people like you my work would be nigh unto impossible :hug: Thanks once again. And I hope you have a wonderful day. :love:
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Wonderful collection!! :love:
Thankss so much for including my work, I really appreciate your kind support and thankss for sharing us your lovely stocks!! :iconbackhug::rose:
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I am honored sweetie to be included in this amazing feature with these amazing artists ....Thank you very much and happy new year :hug: with :love: from my :heart:
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Thank you very much for the feature ! Happy 2013
CaroleBaillyMaitre's avatar
Thank you ! Happy new year !
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